Packing correctly for your trip is a must if you want to have a relaxing holiday. It’s critical to keep the necessary healthcare essentials on hand at all times.

While most of us have our prescription medications with us at all times, a good travel first aid pack can come in helpful. Adding a set of powerful medicinal herbs to the kit, in addition to standard pharmaceuticals, will successfully give complete travel care.

Many herbs have tremendous health benefits with few side effects, making them perfect for on-the-go use. Here are five travel friendly herbs for your travel first aid kit that can make a difference. When we travel, we all lose our sense of balance, which might detract from the enjoyment of the trip. We can get more control over how travel affects us with a little planning and herbal knowledge.

herbal knowledge

Flying in an airplane or driving for an extended time has traits similar to Vata dosha, intensifying and aggravating Vata dosha. This Vata aggravation also harms our Agni or digestive fire. Agni plays a critical role in our ability to digest food and maintain body balance. Digestive irregularities, poor elimination, general weakness, or coldness are all symptoms of agni imbalance, and our thoughts are also affected. Our ultimate goal should be to keep Agni stable, and travel makes this goal more difficult.

How to Pack Herbs for Travel—Can I Bring Herbs on a Plane?

Yes, herbal treatments can be carried on an airline. You can keep them in a sealable bag in your carry-on for quick access and careful treatment. To avoid splitting, wrap tincture bottles and other glass bottles in a soft cloth or even bubble wrap and then keep them in a plastic bag if you’re checking luggage (just in case of an accident). Keep essential oils away from other supplements (especially homeopathic medicines) and consider double-bagging for added protection.

If you need prescriptions for a medical condition, have severe allergies, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a trained healthcare professional before traveling or utilizing herbs and supplements. Remember to bring your medicines and prepare a plan if you become critically ill or wounded while traveling.

Lavender Oil

Sleepless nights are a daily thing during long travel schedules that can contribute to tiredness. Insomnia may develop as a result of the stress of travel and the change in the sleeping environment. It’s critical to get enough sleep so you can enjoy the rest of your trip.

Carrying lavender oil with you can help you obtain a good night’s sleep. Inhale a few drops of the oil to assist the mind and body relax. It enables you to sleep better by reducing tension and nervousness. You can also bring a lavender-scented candle to your room to create a relaxing environment in which to sleep soundly.



Cannabis is another multifunctional herb that can be an excellent companion on your journey.

Its cannabinoids and terpenes have medicinal properties that can aid with common travel problems like weariness, restlessness, sleeplessness, and anxiety. The plant is an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce muscle pain and stiffness after extended periods of travel.

CBD oils, tinctures, topicals, and gummies might be the most beneficial travel companions. You can also bring hemp seeds and imperial kratom, high in nutrients and easy to incorporate into your daily meals, such as smoothies or juices.

To reap the benefits of this potent herb, make sure to purchase CBD products from companies who make and keep promises like “our CBD products are the best” or “our Cannabis seeds are always fresh.”

Holy Basil

Holy basil is an excellent travel companion. The herb has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful for allergies, colds, coughs, and flu. Holy basil is a powerful immune system booster that can also help with digestive issues. This versatile herb can protect you from infection and enhance your immunity while you’re on the road.

You can carry the herb’s dried leaves, which we can easily make into a tea mixture. Taking a daily dose of the combination will keep your health at its peak and efficiently treat respiratory infections.

Peppermint Oil

Having first aid on hand to treat insect bites and sunburn is a must. Pesky tiny insects may cause a lot of trouble, especially when it’s raining. Swelling, redness, itching, and pain are all possible side effects of bug bites. A few drops of peppermint oil are the ideal approach for resolving the issue. If you have sensitive skin, dilute the oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or shea butter.

While acquiring a tan on vacation may be your objective, sunburns are rarely a positive sign. You could develop bright red patches, a terrible headache, and dehydration if your SPF fails to protect your skin. Peppermint oil soothes burns by causing a cooling impact on the skin and reducing sun-induced headaches.



Citronella is yet another excellent remedy for reducing inflammation and muscle spasms while on the road. The oil helps to alleviate swelling and inflammation by stimulating healthy blood circulation. We can also use topical application of the herb to heal minor wounds, insect bites, and fungal infections on the skin.

According to several studies, citronella oil has antifungal qualities, which may help weaken or eradicate some types of fungi that can cause health concerns. Citronella oil was discovered to have the power to damage the fungus’ cell wall and kill the organisms within the cell that might cause infection. According to the researchers, citronella oil may potentially be employed as a safe and environmentally friendly fungicide.

Bottom Line

In the appropriate quantity, these herbs can help you overcome typical travel problems and enhance your energy. These plant-based companions can make your vacation more pleasurable and help you come home feeling good with a bit of planning. Ayurveda is a holistic health approach that focuses on the individual. It will keep you healthy and happy for the duration of your journey. To avoid any unexpected responses, make sure to test these herbs for allergies before using them.

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