Terms Of Use

The terms of use are here so that one can easily get access to all of the services, contents, and products, etc, given at the https://www.everester.org/ website.

Before providing access to any of the services offered at Everester.org, you will be asked for approval. You are advised to read all the conditions, terms, policies, and operating rules before giving permission. Remember that all the terms and conditions are subject to change and can be updated & changed anytime.

You should go through this agreement carefully before using any of the services available on this site. If you agree, then you are bound by the terms of use of our website. If you don’t accept any part of the contract, you will probably not be allowed to use the services.

3rd-Party Services

When you are using Everester.org, you might be interested in using 3rd-party products, software, services, applications developed by other 3rd parties, or embeds.

If you utilize any 3rd-party services, you recognize that:

  • Any usage of a 3rd-party service is completely your responsibility, and Everester.org wonโ€™t be responsible or accountable for it.
  • You agree and admit that Everester.org wonโ€™t be answerable or accountable for any damage or harm caused or originated by any sites that are considered connected with Everester.org.

There are some services and products that require an account to use them. You have to agree to our terms & conditions and offer us completely legit credentials when you sign up for an account on Everester.org.

You should keep your passwords protected and maintain your account details updated to get rid of any kind of unauthorized use of your account. Any activity that will be occurring from your account, you will be solely responsible for that.

You are not allowed to share the credentials that you have used to sign up on Everester.org. You should alert us immediately if you sense any kind of unauthorized activity or notice any breach of the security of your account.


Everester.org has the full right to block or terminate your access to any of the products or services available on Everester.org. This termination of contract can occur without any prior notice. The reason for the blocking or termination is usually explained by the website.

If you think your account is terminated or blacked without any appropriate reason, you can contact Everester.org to get back access to your account.


All of the services available on Everester.org are presented to the user “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS IS.” basis. Everester.org does not give any guarantee that the services available will be free of any blunder or that the access to them will be uninterrupted or endless.

Jurisdiction And Applicable Law

The USA law is responsible for governing the use and access of the services at Everester.org until and unless there is any other valid law provided.


If there are any changes made, Everester.org would notify its audience by publishing on the web portal and sending an email to them or other interactions before any actual changes occur. There will be enough time for the audience to ponder over the new changes being made so that the audience can decide whether they should agree or not.

If you disagree with any of the terms, you might not be able to access the services any further. Continuing to use the products or services means that you completely agree to the new terms being imposed on the site.