Did you know that around 40 million American households go camping at least once a year?

If you’ve been thinking about enjoying the great outdoors, then camping with family can be an unforgettable experience. Not only is it super fun, but everyone can also learn valuable skills and deepen their appreciation for nature.

Do you need help figuring out your camping gear budget? Keep reading for a handy camping packing checklist that will help you cover all the essentials.

1. Shelter


One of the most important things you’ll need on your trip is a safe and comfortable shelter. While you don’t need to shell out tons of money on luxury tents for camping, the tent you choose should be large enough to accommodate your family and protect you from the elements.

You’ll also need sleeping bags, blankets, or even inflatable air mattresses that don’t require electricity.

2. Food and Water

Since most people go on lots of hikes while they camp, you need to fuel your adventures with hearty foods and drink plenty of water. Without access to your normal kitchen, it’s best to bring ingredients you can use to create simple camping recipes.

3. Sanitary Items

From toilet paper to deodorant and moisturizing hand sanitizer, it’s always good to stock up on items that can help you feel clean. If you’re visiting a campground that has public showers then you can bring along your normal shower supplies, but you can also pack shower wipes in case there are any days where you won’t have running water.

4. Comfortable Camping Clothes

Hiking is sweaty work, so you’ll need a handful of sports outfits that can both wick away your sweat and support your workouts. Whenever you go camping, you should dress in layers so you can cool off during your hot hikes and bundle up during the chilly nights.

5. Camping Safety Gear

Camping Safety Gear


Camping isn’t dangerous as long as you stay on marked trails, watch your step, and practice food safety rules. However, you should always bring along safety gear in case an accident ever happens.

A first aid kit, GPS, map, portable radio, sunscreen, and bug spray are all nice to have on hand.

6. Entertainment

When it comes to personal camping gear, you shouldn’t miss out on bringing along some wholesome entertainment. Your evenings may be a little too boring if you have younger kids, so board games, cards, magazines, and coloring books can help everyone pass the time.

Get Ready to Have a Blast With This Camping Packing Checklist

Get Ready to Have a Blast With This Camping Packing Checklist

If you’re planning your first camping trip then you’re family, then it’s understandable why you may be stressed about forgetting something important. With this camping packing checklist, you can have peace of mind that your trip will be a wonderful bonding experience.

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