Did you know that almost 70% of people in the United States live in a region that gets more than 5 inches of snow a year?

Even the southern states have snow in the mountains and during certain times of the year, which is why having gear is essential.

Whether you are going hiking or trying to get across town, traction gear and other items can help.

Keep reading to learn about some of the best snow gear you can buy so that you are prepared, no matter how much accumulation!

1. Fleece Clothing

Fleece Clothing

One of the most important types of snow gear you need to buy is fleece clothing.

The purpose of fleece material is to provide warmth and insulation. Fleece clothes are warm and comfortable, making them the perfect base for your outdoor outfit. Most people wear fleece long-sleeved shirts and pants.

Fleece is the perfect material for exploring since it is so light and easy to carry around.

For additional warmth, you can also wear fleece gloves and a hat. Fortunately, fleece clothing is inexpensive and can be found in most clothing stores. Even if you get too warm while wearing a fleece base layer, you can remove other layers as needed.

2. Traction Shoes

If you are always in the snow and ice and have a difficult time staying on your feet, traction shoes can help.

Certain companies have created shoes that are specialized for getting through winter conditions. These shoes are great because they are typically waterproof, insulated, and supportive. When you feel more secure in your steps, you will be less likely to get an injury or slip on a patch of ice.

Depending on the shoe you chose, the company might use grip technology or sandpaper for the grit. A good pair of traction shoes should have spikes or special designs on the sole of the foot to help you move forward.

3. Shoe Spikes

Traction shoes are a great option for getting through the snow, but some people are looking for a cheaper solution.

Shoe spikes can be added to the bottom of your most comfortable boots. These spikes are on a stretch band that wraps around your shoe. The various sized spikes on the bottom will give you more grip in the snow and can also help in the ice.

The debate for spiked shoes is often crampons vs microspikes, depending on if you are dealing with ice or snow. The weather and walking conditions must be considered when you find shoe spikes so that you can get the best grip possible.

4. Ice Scraper

Ice Scraper

There is nothing more frustrating than running late for work, only to find snow and ice piled on the windshield.

Most people recommend getting a strong ice scraper with an extendable hand. Cheap plastic scrapers tend to break after the first big snowstorm and they leave you worse off than you were before. Find a scaper with a comfortable handle and bristles that won’t scratch the surface of your vehicle.

Some ice scrapers come with ice blades or ice chippers that can help get the stubborn snow and ice removed.

5. Gloves

There are a few types of gloves that you will want to invest in for the winter season.

Comfortable and warm gloves are a must for when you are walking around outside or getting some errands done. These types of gloves typically aren’t heavy-duty, however, make sure you find a pair that’s waterproof and durable.

Durable working gloves are also important to brave the cold. Whether you are chopping wood for a fire, going on the snowmobile, or ice-fishing, heavy-duty gloves are great. Look for a pair that get made with leather and insulating fabrics to keep your hands warm.

6. Tire Traction

If you are looking at traction gear options to snow-proof your vehicle, tire traction is recommended.

Tire traction mats can get you out of a pile of snow in no time and they are effective in all conditions. These mats can be put under the wheels and you don’t need to dig your way to the bottom. If you are looking for a cheaper solution, however, sand or kitty litter can also help.

Having tire traction in your vehicle is a good idea at all times. In worst-case scenarios, you can help yourself or someone else on the road. Ice melt can also be used, but it is best to try other options since the chemicals in the melt can harm your tires.

7. Ergonomic Shovel

Ergonomic Shovel

How many times have you shoveled and when you came inside, it felt like a train hit you?

Shoveling is a very strenuous activity that can take a toll on the body. Buying an ergonomic shovel will help your back and get your sidewalk and driveway shoveled in no time. Shovels like this typically have a unique handle or pole that relieves weight on the user.

These shovels are recommended for people that already have back or arthritis problems. Even if you don’t suffer from these issues, a shovel like this can help prevent them.

Do You Have This Snow Gear?

Being prepared for the cold and being prepared for snow are two different things.

If you are heading somewhere that resembles a snowglobe, you will need to have the best snow gear. Ice, snow, and rain all require different gear so that you can travel safely and explore the world.

Although it might be a large investment at first, snow gear can last a decade or more if taken care of. Don’t hesitate to get your gear so that the snow doesn’t slow you down.

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