As a camper and outdoor enthusiast, there are many options for answering the call of nature. You can opt for a simple bucket, a high-end portable flushable toilet, or camp at a site with basic amenities. However, you’ll have limited options if you prefer camping off-grid or bringing along fussy little kids. You should also consider buying a portable camping toilet if you prefer privacy, convenience, and heavy on hygiene.

Reasons You Should Buy A Portable Restroom For Camping

portable toilet for camping

Portable restrooms come in handy for camping and road trips. The current portable toilets are modern, affordable, and easy to use. Below are a few reasons for buying a portable camping toilet:

  • Convenience – portable toilets come with unmatched convenience. Camping off-grid means you won’t have access to bathroom and toilet facilities. Investing in a portable toilet eliminates the need to find toilets, especially when camping with kids.
  • To be a responsible camper – while camping and staying outdoors is popular worldwide, it is associated with the wrong reasons. Some states restrict camping in some areas because of environmental issues. A portable toilet makes you a responsible camper, as you can show the authorities if they ask.
  • Public toilets are disgusting – restrooms are private spaces. Unfortunately, public toilets, especially in busy areas, are always dirty and not maintained. Having your personal toilet is a good option.
  • Multipurpose – while you should buy a portable toilet for camping, it can also be used for various other reasons. You can use them at home for toilet training, medical reasons, or if adverse weather conditions affect the water and power supply.
  • Suits fussy campers – portable restrooms are a lifesaver if you’ve tagged along your friend or relative who happens to be a fussy camper. Novice campers don’t understand how avid campers sleep on the ground or relieve themselves behind a tree. Having a portable toilet allays their fears.
  • You don’t have to wait – lining up to use restroom facilities on large camping grounds is not a pleasant experience. Having your toilet means you won’t queue or camp close to the restroom.

Considerations When Purchasing Portable Camping Toilets

portable toilet

Like any other camping gear, portable toilets for camping are available in different sizes, shapes, and prices. Below are a few things to consider when buying this essential camping gear:

  • Size Of The Waste Tank

You should prioritize the size of the toilet waste tank when looking for a portable toilet. Small and cheap camping toilets have a small waste tank. While they are perfect for couples, you should find one with a large capacity for family weekends. A 20-liter waste tank capacity is a good choice for a family of more than two or if you’re camping longer.

  • Access To Chemical Toilet Disposal Points

Unfortunately, not all camping sites have chemical disposal points. Camping in such areas means trouble if your portable toilet fills up and you can’t empty it. As such, you should either choose a portable toilet with a large capacity or choose a camping site with disposal points. You should also consider how far the disposal site is. Otherwise, you’ll have to walk a long distance with 20+ liters of waste. Some tanks are also not high quality and can leak in the car.

  • Design Of The Waste Tank

portable toilet

You should also pay close attention to the waste tank design. A good portable toilet should have a solid seal and allow users to detach the waste tank safely. These features make moving the unit to disposal points or homes easy.


Anyone who prefers camping away from the crowds should consider buying a portable camping toilet. These toilets give users much-needed convenience, privacy, hygiene, and freedom. However, you need additional accessories, such as cleaning supplies, odor additives, and biodegradable bags, to use the portable toilet safely.

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