Completing an Everest Base Camp trek is the ultimate achievement for many adventurous hikers. Mount Everest itself is considered to be an extremely dangerous expedition due to the very high altitude of 8,849 m above sea level. For this reason, many choose to take on the Everest Base Camp trek instead.

Trekking to the Everest Base Camp, however, is still seen as a challenge, although it is less risky as it sits at 5,380 m altitude. But it’s still vital to properly prepare your body both physically and mentally to ensure you can enjoy the entire experience of your adventure holiday.

Preparation for the Everest Base Camp Trek

Preparation for Everest Base Camp Trek

Practice hikes

The best way to fully prepare is by getting in as many practice hikes as you can. Challenge yourself across different terrain and make sure to include plenty of hills to build up your fitness levels.

Not only is this a great way to get your body used to this type of intense physical activity, but it also offers the opportunity to experience some stunning landscapes and scenic views across the UK. Check out the country’s National Parks for local trekking locations.

Cardio training

Aerobic training will help build up your strength and your body’s ability to work hard with less oxygen, which is a crucial element of trekking at altitude. Try to engage in some form of cardio workout such as running, swimming, or cycling, two to three times a week in between practice hikes.

Plan a schedule

Plan a schedule

Setting out a fitness schedule will get you in the right headspace and ensure you have enough time to get into shape before the big adventure. The more time you have the better but try and aim to start training around 8 – 12 weeks in advance.

Get your gear

You should ideally complete your practice hikes in the footwear you’ll be taking on the trek as this will give you plenty of opportunity to break them in and identify any issues.

Look for boots with good ankle support as you’ll be hiking across some tricky terrain. You’ll also want to make sure you kit yourself out with a range of base layers, waterproofs, and warmer outer layers.

Vaccinations and medicine

Vaccinations and medicine

Ensure you get any recommended vaccines ahead of traveling and stock up on any medicines you’re likely to need whilst you’re there.

Trekking the Everest Base Camp is the opportunity of a lifetime so making sure you’re fully prepared means you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy your epic adventure.

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