At 5,200 feet in elevation, Bucks Lake is an easy-to-reach and stunning high mountain lake that’s ideal for your Bucks lake camping on a peaceful vacation. The lake has 27 kilometers of coastline, aspen trees, high pines, spectacular boulders, and beautiful beaches. In the summer, water sport enthusiasts, hikers, campers, and fishermen visit Bucks Lake. Snowmobiling and cross-country skiing are two winter activities. On the Oroville-Bucks Lake Road, Bucks Lake is situated about 27 kilometers to the southwest of Quincy and 51 kilometers to the northeast of Oroville.

Pacific Gas & Electric now owns and operates the lake, which has a long and old history of leisure and fun. With attractive cabins, lodges, tourist facilities, and day-use areas making up about half of the lakeshore’s development, there is still a huge area of open area and wilderness to be discovered on lakeside paths or by boat. Bucks Lake is the ideal location for watersports, leisure, and hiking excursions because the Pacific Crest Trail and the Bucks Lake Wilderness are very close. From late May until the winter closes the road, Bucks Lake is typically not busy for bucks lake camping during the working day and also on most holidays, making it the ideal vacation for anyone seeking a break from the drudgery.

What Are The Things People Do In Bucks Lake Camping?

Some of the things people do In Bucks Lake camping are described below.



There are many amazing day hikes on the PCT available near Bucks Lake California. Just above the lake’s coast, the Mill Creek route meanders through aspen and pine woodlands. In the spring and early summer, this route is fantastic for spotting wildflowers, but it can occasionally have mud areas where temporary streams cross it. Both locals and tourists enjoy this path since there are many opportunities to cool down in the lake on a warm summer day. The Mill Creek path connects with other routes in the Bucks Lake Wilderness and can be used as a starting point for longer trips. If you want to put in a lot of kilometers, you can trek this road that leads to Spanish Peak.

The Bucks Creek Loop is another fantastic trek. This 4-mile circular walk is great for bird observation and wildflower viewing as it takes you through the forests and grasslands along Bucks Creek. The single-track route is quite flat and even, making it a suitable choice for a relaxing mountain bike ride or family trip. A few seasonal creek crossings might occasionally make the shoes muddy. The Pacific Crest Trail’s trailhead is close by at Bucks Summit. For breathtaking views of high alpine lakes, tropical gardens, and mountain ranges ranging from the Cascade to the Sierra Buttes and beyond, trek up the hill to Spanish Pea from Bucks Summit. On the PCT, only hiking and horseback riding are permitted.



Five different fish species may be found in Bucks Lake: Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Stream trout, Kokanee Salmon, and Lake trout. From May through September, the fishing is at its peak. A 30-pound trout may frequently be caught here. There are many fishing guides from which to pick if you’re seeking one. At Bucks Lake Marina, you can also hire fishing boats. The public Sandy Point ramp, a day-use area, the Bucks Lake Marina, and the Lakeshore Resort ramp are the three constructed boat ramps around the lake where you may release your boat.


Excellent lake to take the family to, with a range of water activities available for everyone to enjoy in addition to fishing. You may hire canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards for a leisurely day on the lake. Hire a pontoon boat or a ski boat if you want a bit more excitement. If you want to bring your own boat, boat spots are provided at the Bucks Lake Marina and the Lakeshore Resort.

Swimming And Picnicking


Drive to Sandy Point Beach, where there is plenty of shoreline space for residents and tourists, or take a short hike with your family down the Mill Creek route to locate the ideal sandy beach for bathing and picnicking. Because Bucks Lake is warmer than other lakes in the summer and has easy access to uncrowded sandy beaches, swimming there is a popular activity for many people.

Fun Activities Of Winter

As long as winter has been nice enough to give plenty of snow, cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing, and snowmobiling are popular winter activities. In the winter, the Route from Quincy is often passable up to Bucks top, however, the road might be a little slick. From the peak, there are plenty of plow parking lots, and you can either follow one of the permitted trails close to the summit or set off on ski along the snow-covered roads toward the Lake. There are no constructed pathways. This is the route taken by many neighborhood backcountry skiers who descend the mountain after rising toward the PCT. Snowmobiles frequently use this location as a staging place before heading out on one of the many paths that go to the lake. During the winter, cafes and resorts may be available on holidays and weekends.

Other Amenities

Camping Safety Gear

There are many places to stay and camp around Bucks Lake California. Private campsites, resorts, and RV spaces are also available for overnight stays in addition to the PG&E-run Haskins Valley Campground. The Bucks Lake Marina and Lakeshore Resort both provide boat rental, jet skis, bait, and groceries. The Haskin’s Valley Resort and Store also have a wide variety of goods. An interpretive site is also run by the Plumas National Forest. There are five campsites, a picnic area, and day-use places on the lake near the Sandy Point Public Boat Ramp.

Bottom Line

There are 7 shady lakefront Bucks Lake camping sites at Lower Bucks Lake Campground. A high mountain lake called Lower Bucks Lake is surrounded on one side by the Bucks Lake Wilderness and on the other by vacation homes and resorts. Bucks lake California has become a very popular tourist spot for camping and other fun activities. I hope you have got a clear understanding of the things you can do in Bucks Lake camping by reading this article.

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