If you have digestive issues, you know how difficult it can be to manage your symptoms. If you struggle with gas, bloating, nausea or other uncomfortable sensations after eating certain foods, there’s a good chance you have some kind of digestive problem. Gas and bloating are common indicators of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which affects approximately 25% of Americans. In many cases, taking the right supplements while traveling can help relieve your symptoms and keep them from coming back as frequently as they have in the past. If you struggle with frequent indigestion or other symptoms related to your digestion, consider adding one (or more) of these supplements to your diet:

Digestive Enzymes


Enzymes are proteins that help your body break down food as it’s being digested. When your digestive system is healthy, it naturally produces plenty of enzymes to help you process your meals. However, as you get older, your body doesn’t produce enzymes as efficiently as it used to. This can lead to digestive issues, such as bloating and indigestion, and even IBS symptoms. The right digestive enzymes can help you break down your food before it reaches your intestines. This can help prevent gas, bloating and other digestive issues. Digestive enzymes can also help your body absorb more nutrients from your food. This can help you feel more energized throughout the day and perform better during workouts.


Probiotics are “friendly bacteria” that help keep your gut healthy. They produce anti-inflammatory compounds that boost your immune system and help your body ward off infection. They also help keep your immune system functioning normally by preventing autoimmune diseases. In order for your digestive system to function properly, it needs plenty of probiotics. The best way to get this is from foods like yogurt and kefir. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to tolerate dairy-based probiotic foods. If you’re lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy, you won’t be able to get the benefits of probiotics from these foods. While probiotic supplements don’t contain the same amount of probiotics as yogurt, they can help ease your digestive symptoms. If you have IBS or other digestive issues, taking a probiotic supplement can help prevent your symptoms from coming back.

Probiotic Foods

As we mentioned above, probiotic foods can help ease your digestive issues. The best types of probiotic foods include fermented dairy products, coconut milk, yogurt, kefir and kimchi. Unfortunately, many people can’t tolerate dairy-based probiotic foods. Those with dairy allergies or IBS are less likely to be able to get the benefits of probiotics from dairy-based foods. Luckily, there are plenty of other probiotic foods that you can enjoy. Fermented vegetables, like sauerkraut, kimchi and coconut yogurt, are some of the best probiotic foods. If you’re not a big fan of fermented vegetables, you can also try eating fermented grains. Fermented grains can be found in the form of bread and pasta. If you have food allergies, you’re lactose intolerant or have IBS, you should talk to your doctor before eating foods that contain large amounts of probiotics.


Organic Acids

Organic acids are acids produced by bacteria found in your gut. They can be used to treat and prevent digestive issues, such as IBS and ulcers. They’re often used as a cure for acid reflux and heartburn caused by digestive issues. Organic acids are useful for many people, but they’re especially helpful for those with IBS. This is because they help balance out your digestive pH levels. Organic acids can help prevent IBS flare-ups, especially when combined with other digestive support supplements. Quercetin supplements are highly recommended.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Digestive issues can lead to poor nutrition and a poor diet. Eating foods that cause you to experience digestive discomfort is unlikely to help you maintain a healthy, balanced diet. If you have IBS, you’re more likely to experience digestive symptoms after eating certain foods. For example, if you have IBS, you’re more likely to experience diarrhea after eating beans. This can make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. You can prevent gastrointestinal issues by avoiding certain foods. Certain foods are known to help ease digestive issues and make it easier to manage IBS. Taking digestive support supplements can help you maintain a healthy weight.



Digestive issues are incredibly common and can cause significant discomfort. If you have IBS, acid reflux or another related condition, you’ll likely benefit from taking digestive support supplements. Most of the digestive support supplements available today can also help prevent a wide range of gastrointestinal issues, including IBS and acid reflux. If you struggle with frequent digestive issues, digestive support supplements can help make it easier to manage your symptoms.

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