The world is covered in water and yet so few people are aware of the variety of fish life that’s out there. There are hundreds of thousands of types, in fact, each with its unique characteristics, habits, and features.

To find the types of fish that you’re most interested in investing your time in, it’s important to educate yourself on all of the various options.

This article goes into the many different species out there, and the different types of fish you should look out for.

Cartilaginous Fish

Cartilaginous Fish

Cartilaginous fish is a type of fish that includes various species such as sharks, skates, rays, and chimaeras. They have a highly specialized nervous system and their external skeletons are covered with a layer of skin that is covered in placoid scales, similar to those of sharks.

Cartilaginous is the best fish typically found in coastal and deep open ocean waters and the most common species are sharks and stingrays. Fishing gear is a must if you plan on a fishing trip to see these.

These species vary in size from the Whale Shark to those of other smaller species including the Dogfish. Cartilaginous fish are primarily predators and feed on other fish, shellfish, plankton, and sea creatures. They are often a top predator in any given marine ecosystem, helping to maintain its balance.

Jawless Fish

Jawless Fish

Some of the more common jawless fish include hagfish, lampreys, and the fishes of the order Cyclostomes. Jawless fish are typically small, living on other organisms or scavenging soft-bodied organisms from the bottom of the water column. They usually have no scales, eyes, or fins, but have a complete digestive system.

They feed by sucking food through their mouths and act as a filter for their food. These fish also have a primitive heart as well as an additional organ to draw oxygen from the water. Jawless fish have survived for centuries and are an important part of the aquatic ecosystem.

Bony Fish

Bony Fish

Many different types of bony fish exist today. Bony fish can live in freshwater or saltwater and can be found in both tropical and temperate regions. They are covered in scales to protect them from predators and many species found on are used for food or as pets.

Each species of fish has an important role in its aquatic environment, from providing food for other organisms to cycling nutrients throughout a healthy ecosystem. Bony fish are incredibly diverse and can range in size from the angelfish, which grows to just a few centimeters, to the five-meter whale shark.

Types of Fish in the World

Today we have looked at the incredible types of fish in the world, from big to small and from spikey to smooth. It is difficult to imagine the resourcefulness of evolution to produce the vast array of fish existing in the world today.

Explore more about fish and their characteristics by joining an aquarium or volunteer program. Let us dive into the sea and discover these wonderful creatures!

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