You might not even care how many different types of hotels there are unless you are planning your trip. Once you start looking for accommodation, you will find there are more types of accommodations than you knew.

From a roadside inn to the most luxurious suite hotels in the city, you can find multiple hotels for your stay.

Here is an Amazing List of Types of Hotels

These distinctions might be less apparent in some types of hotels as there are many hybrid hotel models, but some hotels have clear distinctions. Furthermore, a big hotel brand might have an inn or a resort to serve a larger market.

However, you might get confused while booking your hotel with so many available options. So, here are the most common types of hotels you can find. You must know these different types to book your stay at the best hotel for your specific needs.

1. Chain Hotels

Chain hotels

Big and reputable chain hotels are not just situated in the country, but they are present worldwide. A magnanimous company commonly owns these hotels.

Staying in a chain hotel assures travelers that they will get a uniform and top-notch quality of service and accommodation, no matter which city or country they visit.

2. Motels

The term motel is a combination of motor and hotel. Motels are commonly found in small towns situated near a highway and act as an affordable lodging option for weary travelers looking for a place to spend the night and carry on with their journey in the morning. These types of accommodations started in the country during the early 1900s.

Unlike hotels, motels usually do not offer extensive services and facilities as travelers only come to motels looking to spend only one night.

3. Resorts

A resort is a small town in itself. It aims to provide its guests with everything they might need during their accommodation in one place, from lodging, drink, entertainment to a spa. While staying at the best AmericanOtels, you will not feel the need to even step out from the comfort of your resort as you will find everything on your premises.


4. Inns

An inn is like a hotel only, but it offers fewer amenities and is usually smaller. Most inns only have a few rooms on their premises and might not even offer a pool or even a restaurant.

They are most commonly family-owned, so you will get to enjoy the warmth and coziness of a small family business.

5. Suites Hotels

Suite hotels or commonly known as all-suites hotels, not only offer their guest room, but they have suites that have an adjoined lobby or living area, along with a small pantry. These suites are apt for people who like to stay in a larger space and for families. Depending upon the hotel, you might find a one-room suite, a two-room suite, or even more.

6. Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels

A boutique hotel has a unique interior, a special theme, and even a different menu. These hotels have fewer rooms and are catered towards a niche audience. For instance, you can find a boutique hotel catered towards musicians wherein all the rooms are designed keeping in mind what musicians love.

These are some of the most common types of hotels you can book your stay at and enjoy your fantastic vacation.

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