As a hiking enthusiast, you must know there are countless hiking destinations out there. Whether you are an adventure seeker or you want to keep a balanced lifestyle, there’s a perfect hiking spot for you.

Some hiking destinations look better than their pictures. These are locations that you must discover and keep coming back to. Read our list of the world’s top 5 hiking destinations and include them in your bucket list!

Top Hiking Destinations


Location: Central Nepal


For a captivating and life-changing experience go hiking in the Annapurna Circuit. While it is easy to book your ticket and lace up your boots, this is no ordinary hike in a park. The sheer geography requires a tough mind and body. It is best to go hiking from the months of October until early December, and from late February to April due to the extreme weather conditions.

This seasonal hiking opportunity creates a unique perspective that you will look forward to. It’s a memorable experience since the hiking scene changes yearly. People always debate whether to hike in a group or go solo. It doesn’t really matter because you will eventually meet other hikers in groups, pairs, or hiking alone.


Location: New Zealand

Milford Track, which spans 33 miles, is among the most incredible walking tracks on the Southern Island of New Zealand. Hikers can experience some of the loveliest landscapes in New Zealand. The pristine alpine lakes, soaring mountain peaks, sprawling meadows, and towering glaciers never fail to amaze hikers.

Majestic waterfalls such as Sutherland Falls, the highest in New Zealand, are along the track. The path is traversed only in one direction – south from Glade Wharf to the north which is Piopiotahi or Milford Sound. As hikers, you must stay fit and in good shape. Total Shape provides information on workout routines and healthy & safe supplements which will help you stay in shape for adventurous hikes.

After an invigorating hike on the Milford Track, travelers can indulge in the luxurious accommodation options available in Queenstown which is a great place to base yourself for a holiday.

Known as the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown offers a stunning setting nestled among mountains and overlooking Lake Wakatipu. After days spent traversing the breathtaking landscapes of the Milford Track, pamper yourself in one of the many upscale resorts or boutique accommodation in Queenstown.


Location: Traverses France, Switzerland, And Italy


The famous Tour du Mont Blanc hike stands out to those obsessed with long-distance trekking. This 170-kilometer journey standard route starts in France. It crosses through parts of Italy and Switzerland before returning to its French origins. You’ll see breathtaking landscapes as you climb and descend the circuit around the mountain range. You will trek through broad valleys, vast grasslands, and rhododendron forests as you gradually approach the Alpine passes. The journey is longer than other hiking trails. Expect to find amazing food and excellent guides who will help you carry your luggage.


Location: Chile

This hidden gem is in the cloud forests of the Sacred Valley over the Urubamba River. The history behind Machu Picchu is still a mystery for over 500 years. Since the 1970s, travelers have been visiting Machu Picchu’s mystical temples and the legendary Incan Gate of the Sun.

There are six hiking routes with varying degrees of difficulty. The scenic train ride from Ollantaytambo takes you on a day trip to Aguas Calientes, the town at the foot of Machu Picchu. Other routes take you to century-old paths built by the Incas that lead into the Peruvian jungle. There are high mountain passes you can climb offering views of snow-capped summits over the clouds. There are shorter day walks that provide breathtaking views of Machu Picchu.


Location: Greece


This can be a good start for beginners as well as people who are not mobile enough for a long duration. The beautiful and scenic view this place provides is unique and is also considered a romantic destination. Samaria Gorge is considered the best hiking destination on Crete. This unique one-way hike starts in the pine forests and descends into a narrow gorge that winds up at the shores of the Libyan Sea. You’ll emerge in a small town called Agia Roumeli. Here, the black sandy beach is ideal for a cool swim.

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