For keen adventurers and explorers, climbing Everest sits quite high on the bucket list; however, many aspects can stand in the way of one’s ability to do so. From financial to physical restrictions, it’s not possible for everyone to embark on the challenge that is scaling Everest. Despite this, almost everyone can partake in the Mount Everest Virtual Challenge, which is almost like a walking tour that digitally brings you to the highest peak in the world.

The Mount Everest Virtual Challenge takes you on an extraordinary 40-mile (64km) expedition that eventually brings you to the mountain’s peak. This is achieved via distance-based exercise (e.g., walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc.), which allows you to progress across Everest’s map. Whether you embark on the journey alone or form a team, this is a great way to work towards achieving something great.

Pros Of The Mount Everest Virtual Challenge

Earn A Medal


Upon the completion of the challenge, all participants receive a limited-edition Mount Everest Virtual Challenge finisher’s medal. This gets mailed to you after the challenge is finished, making for a great memory of a great challenge.

Discover Local Spots

Not only will the challenge provide you with the opportunity to explore spots in your local area that you’ve never seen before, but areas of interest for Everest also get unlocked as you achieve various milestones. On your virtual Everest app, you can use the “explore” button to unfold many points of interest near Everest, including local attractions, waterholes, and natural wildlife reserves.

Virtually Experience Mount Everest

Mount Everest

As previously mentioned, every time you add a distance-based workout to the app, you’ll progress along the map. In doing so, you’ll see your very own avatar move on the map, as well as others partaking in the challenge. What’s more, as you approach the Everest Basecamp, you’ll be able to use Street View to explore your virtual surroundings in even more detail. Unfortunately, though, the top of the mountain doesn’t support Street View.

Unlock Virtual Postcards

In addition to being rewarded a medal at the end of your journey, you’ll also receive custom virtual postcards upon achieving specific milestones. These postcards will contain fascinating facts about the location. You’ll be able to obtain six of these postcards along the way, as well as the ultimate Mount Everest postcard.

Monitor Progress

Similarly, tracking your advancement along the course couldn’t be easier, whether you manually enter your miles/kilometers or use your smartwatch or fitness tracker to do so. This way, you’ll know how far you’ve gone and also how far you have left.

Help Save The Planet

As you advance along the trail, you’ll also be given the means to work towards a healthier planet. This is because, for every 20% of the challenge you complete, the Conqueror Events donate towards planting a tree or preventing 10 bottles from entering the ocean. This means, by the end of the challenge, you’ll have either planted five trees or stopped 50 bottles from entering the ocean, and all this can be done by the initial costs and exercise alone.

Find Positive Accountability

Mount Everest

In order to improve in any aspect of life, one must find positive accountability, and this challenge is one of the best ways to achieve this. Upon purchasing your entry, you’ll be placed in a Facebook group, where you’ll be able to share your own experiences and discover the experience of others. There’s nothing more encouraging than feeling as though you’re a part of a wider movement. Also, if you don’t perform amazingly well one day, just remember that the only failed workout is the one that didn’t happen.

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