The Everest ER is staffed with doctors with special training and experience in mountain and altitude medicine, and thanks to our sponsor Sonosite, we are equipped to do some pretty advanced diagnosing as well.  For the past 4 years we have been able to use ultrasound to help us determine whether our patients are suffering from a condition needing further treatment or diagnostic testing down the mountain or whether its a condition we can safely treat at base camp.  As medical uses for this fascinating piece of equipment grew, and as the equipment became smaller, easier to power and more resilient in mountain environments, we decided that it was a crucial piece of equipment on Everest as well.  Diagnosis of conditions such as retinal detachment, imbedded foreign objects (such as after a fall with laceration), serious intraabdominal bleeding, collapsed lung, high altitude pulmonary edema and many  others are possible with the skilled use of ultrasound.  But this miraculous machine has a pretty hefty price tag – usually in the tens of throusands of dollars.  Thats where a big sponsor thank you comes in … thank you Sonosite for your generous yearly loan of this important machine.

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