A letter from one of our expedition leaders has our hearts glowing.  Here are a few excerpts:
“You have been working hard and getting fantastic doctors together for many years.  I am sure you have heard this before but I am also quite sure that it never gets old to hear how well the doctors at Everest Base Camp perform.  I want to congratulate you on having a Team of Doctors and Lhakpa that was fantastic this season.
I have had the opportunity to run our expedition for quite a while now and one of the things I get asked is how I manage the program.  One of the secrets to our success is getting all of the individual climbers, sherpa and guides to work as a Team.  Each year, I count on Everest ER to be part of my Team and do my best to avoid adding any additional pressure to your group of doctors.
The 3 doctors you had working together on Everest this spring was one of the finest Teams that I have had the pleasure of working with and around.  They had their systems dialed and worked together for the entire season.  I was extremely proud of Everest ER this spring and would recommend these 3 doctors and Lhakpa for any medical situation that I can think of.
Lakpa-This man is “bullet proof.”  Lhakpa is not only one of the great people who help make Everest Base Camp run, he also makes things run smoothly and keeps the energy of all people from reaching the point of chaos.  I am proud to know Lhakpa and call him my friend as much as my colleague.
Sanjeeb, Meg and Mária-These three doctors that have come together worked as a Team as much as I have ever seen during an Everest Expedition.  All three fully capable of working with patients alone at any time; were in constant communication and always checking with each other about best course of action.  This Teamwork may happen on a regular basis but I watched this every time when I was present.  The communication with the climbers was fantastic as well as with each other.  I enjoyed having the opportunity to listen in at times when the doctors consulted each other for the best plan of action.  They did not agree every time which made it even more beneficial to observe.
The Team of Everest ER Doctors worked hard this year and I cannot thank them enough for all of their support throughout the expedition.”
we are wowed.  And grateful to have such stellar volunteers!  Thank you, 2017 team!
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