A whole week of sun, sea, and sand with a few of your closest friends with no authoritative figure around to chase you with a bottle of factor fifty – for many teens this may sound like a dream. Once you reach the ripe age of seventeen or eighteen, you might tire of family holidays and begin itching for your first solo adventure – a rite of passage for many teenagers.

Heading out into the world without your folks for the first time can be an exciting and liberating experience. However, it’s crucial that you remember that they won’t be by your side if anything goes wrong. Let’s face it: we’ve all seen those cheesy teen movies where a group of friends goes abroad without their parents, and a list of fails inevitably happens – which is not how you want your first parent-free vacation experience to go!

Parent-Free Vacation Tips for Teens

For teens planning and booking their first parent-free vacation, it can be a stressful and challenging experience. Since you’ll have dozens of decisions to make (without the aid of your parents!), from choosing your accommodation to getting to Denver Airport, it can feel like you’re getting nowhere. To help make this easier for you, we’ve put together a list of suggestions to help you book your first parent-free vacation – keep reading to find out more.

Use Helpful Travel Apps

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Living in a digital world has its many ups and downs, but when it comes to planning and booking a vacation, travelers rely on their smartphones more than ever. As well as being a great source of inspiration, travel applications help manage your bookings and allow you to make plans wherever you’re flying.

From last-minute flight changes, travel guides, foreign-language dictionaries, accommodation comparison sites, and even applications that allow you to pre-book parking spaces at Denver Airport and other locations around the United States.

Downloading helpful travel apps like those mentioned earlier can help you navigate new cities, convert currency, provide local expertise, and help you find affordable Denver Airport parking – whatever you need, we can guarantee you’ll find an app for that.

Pre-booking parking at Denver Airport or others is recommended, especially if you’ve recently passed your driving test. It gives you peace of mind that you’re guaranteed parking space. It saves you the stress of circling the airport parking lot again and again until a space becomes available.

Learn more about pre-booking parking at Denver Airport and other locations across the United States by downloading Parkway Parking’s mobile application, available for all iOS and Android devices.

From airport parking, off-site cruise parking, and event parking, travelers or eventgoers can pre-book a space almost anywhere across the United States using their website or mobile application. Consider downloading their app or contacting their customer service team for more information today.

Be Considerate Of Others

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You may think that going abroad with some of your closest friends sounds like a dream come true – what could go wrong? But chances are you’ve never been in the same accommodation with them for more than a couple of days at a time. As we hear with many relationships, romantic or platonic, you never honestly know someone until you live with them, and the same goes for vacationing with friends.

Nothing causes clashes between a friendship group more than a person who is unwilling to co-operate, which is why it’s essential to be considerate of your traveling companions even when one is causing riffs between the group. To ensure everyone is satisfied, consider everyone’s likes, dislikes, and needs so that you can meet in the middle and plan a parent-free vacation that appeals to all.

Ultimately, your vacation goal is to have the most enjoyable time possible with your friends, but the only way you will be successful is if you’re considerate and look out for each other. Communication is crucial at the end of the day, and if you don’t actively communicate your expectations for this holiday to your friends, you will end up disappointed. So, ensure you’re upfront about your plans long before you leave.

Don’t Blow Your Budget

During the build-up to planning and booking your first parent-free holiday, you’ve more than likely amassed a significant amount of money to ensure you’ll have the best trip possible with no expense spared. However, possessing a large amount of money can be incredibly alluring, and you might find it challenging to keep yourself from blowing it all at once just because you can.

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Ultimately, this money you’ve scrimped and saved for the last several months is meant to last you throughout your trip, and you won’t have the bank of mom or dad to rely on should you fall short. Although it might be tempting to blow all your money on drinks in the airport departure lounge, the last thing you want is to be ‘that’ friend that then must scrounge off your peers throughout the rest of the trip, as this will only result in a second-rate holiday.

To prevent this, ensure that you are wise with your money and track how much you spend each day, how much you have remaining, and how much you can afford to pay per day. If you don’t consider yourself the best at saving money, don’t hesitate to ask friends, family members, or the internet for money-saving advice. You could even consider giving your money to your friends to look after for the duration of the trip.

Decide The Duration Of Your Trip

Another thing to consider when planning and booking your first parent-free vacation is the duration of your trip. Have you and your friends booked a couple of weeks off work? Or are you restricted by the vacation/holiday allowance of others? Whether you have much time off or a limited amount can significantly affect where you can go on your trip.

Those with limited time might want to consider a long weekend break in a city, whereas those with flexibility may want to go abroad for a beach holiday. If you can travel for over a week, you may consider going to multiple destinations or booking a package deal that will enable you to visit numerous places for a bargain price.

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