When an emergency arises, it’s important to be prepared. After all, these situations could escalate quickly and become life-threatening. While there is no way to predict when or where an emergency will happen, there are some things you can do to be prepared. Read on to learn more about the survival tips every person should know.

8 Survival Tips Worth Knowing

Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new that could one day save your life. Here are eight survival tips worth knowing:

1. Always Have A Go Bag Ready

go bag

A go bag is filled with essential items you would need in an emergency. Go bag essentials could include things like food, water, a first-aid kit, a flashlight, and more. Having a go bag ready will help you be prepared for anything that comes your way. You can stash your go bag in your car, at work, or at home so that you always have it with you in case of an emergency.

2. Know Your Surroundings

In any survival situation, it is essential to know your surroundings. Familiarize yourself with your area and pay attention to exits, hiding spots, and potential resources. Knowing your surroundings will help you be prepared for anything and potentially save your life.

If you are in a place unfamiliar to you, take some time to orient yourself and note potential hazards and safe areas. In an emergency, every second counts, so it is important to be as prepared as possible.

3. Be Prepared Mentally And Physically

Mentally and physically preparing for a survival situation is essential. Make sure you are in good physical shape so that you can endure any challenges that come your way. You should also regularly train your mind to stay calm under pressure and think clearly in difficult situations.

You can do this by reading survival books and articles, watching survival videos, and practicing basic survival skills like building a fire or pitching a tent. It is also essential to have a go bag ready in case you need to evacuate your home quickly. This should include all the supplies you will need to survive for at least 72 hours, such as food, water, clothes, and first-aid supplies.

4. Have A Plan

It is essential to have a plan in place in case of an emergency. This includes knowing how you will evacuate your home, where you will go, and what you need to bring. You should also have a plan for communicating with your family and friends in case of an emergency. It’s always best to think ahead and be prepared.

Rather than being complacent about a potential disaster, having an evacuation plan and going over it with your family or housemates is vital. This way, if an emergency does happen, everyone will know what to do and where to go. You should also choose a meeting place outside of your home if you cannot return home.

5. Practice Basic Survival Skills

Learning basic survival skills is essential for anyone who wants to be prepared for a potential emergency. Some basic survival skills include building a fire, pitching a tent, and purifying water. Many resources are available to help you learn these skills, such as books, websites, and Youtube videos. By practicing basic survival skills, you will be better prepared to handle any emergency that may come your way.

6. Learn How To Defend Yourself

self defense

Another thing that you should know how to do is defend yourself. This may not always be an option, but if you can learn some self-defense techniques, it will go a long way in helping you survive a dangerous situation.

There are many self-defense classes available, so find one that is right for you and sign up. You never know when you may need to use these skills to save your life.

In addition to self-defense, knowing how to protect yourself from the elements is crucial. If you are stranded in a remote location, you will need to know how to build a shelter and make a fire. Again, there are many resources available that can teach you these skills. Do some research and learn as much as you can. It could one day mean the difference between life and death.

7. Learn How To Do First Aid

It’s surprising just how many people are not adequately trained in first aid and how to deal with emergencies. This is something that everyone should know how to do, as it could one day mean the difference between life and death.

If you want to learn how to do first aid, you can always go online and find various resources to help you. You can also find classes in your area that will teach you everything you need to know. Once you know how to do first aid, you should also prepare a go bag. This is a bag that has all of the supplies you would need in an emergency.

8. Learn How To Swim


One of the most basic survival tips is to learn how to swim. This is especially important if you live near a body of water or are planning on hiking or camping in an area with a lake or river. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need it, swimming is a great skill to have and could one day save your life.

If you don’t know how to swim, plenty of resources are available to help you learn. You can enroll in a class or even take lessons from a private instructor. There are also many books and online resources that can teach you the basics of swimming.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to learn and practice whatever method you choose before venturing into any body of water. And once you know how to swim, remember to brush up on your skills regularly to stay safe in the water.

Bottom Line

Survival is all about being prepared. Whether it’s knowing what to do in an emergency or packing the right supplies for a camping trip, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. Follow the tips above so you can be prepared for anything.

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