If you’re going on a camping trip to celebrate a loved one’s milestone birthday, you’ll not only want to ensure that you purchase a gift that is very special. You’ll also want to find a gift that is small and easily portable.

Therefore, you should consider getting one of the following four ideas for special gifts for celebrating a milestone birthday.

Gifts for Celebrating a Birthday While Camping

1. A Luxury Smartphone – Perfect for People Who Like Bling

If there’s one time when it’s worth splashing some cash, it’s for loved ones’ milestone birthdays.

So, if you’re looking for a very special gift that is small and portable and you have several thousands of dollars to spare, consider giving your loved one a luxury smartphone for his or her birthday.

Celebrating Birthday

One of the best options on the market is the Tag Heuer Meridiist II, which comes with a price tag of around $5,300.

Tag Heuer is well known for crafting luxury timepieces, but the company has now branched out into high-end phones.

Its Meridiist II phone features a high-grade sapphire crystal display and its back panel contains gold and diamonds.

Furthermore, owners of the Meridiist II smartphone can access a round-the-clock concierge service from Tag Heuer!

If the price range is out of your reach, there are other luxury phones available from a variety of companies.

Alternatively, if you can get your loved one’s existing phone away from him or her for a short time before you go camping, you could have the phone gold-plated or platinum-plated and have the edges covered with diamonds.

2. An Emerald Ring – Perfect for May Birthdays

Emerald is the birthstone for May, so an emerald ring can make the perfect gift for May birthdays.

Though, emerald rings and other items of emerald jewelry can make fantastic gifts for anyone who loves wearing precious gemstones, not just for people who celebrate their birthdays in that month.

Milestone Birthday

Furthermore, rings in ring boxes are small and portable, so you can easily smuggle one along for a celebratory birthday camping trip.

Also, there are plenty of different styles of rings to choose from. For instance, if you are giving a woman a ring, you could select a beautiful emerald and diamond ring in 14k white gold.

3. A Photo Album That Celebrates the Life of the Recipient – Special Gifts for Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

Very special gifts for celebrating milestone birthdays that are small and portable enough to take on a camping trip don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you could even make a gift.

One great option is to create a photo album that contains pictures of milestones and special moments in the recipient’s life.

Add some informative and fun text that describes the photos and use dates to make the album chronological, and make sure you buy a quality album.

Celebrating a Birthday while Camping

Such an item is sure to be warmly received and treasured for years to come.

Whether the gift recipient is forty, fifty, or any other milestone age, a customized photo album that you have spent time putting together yourself will often be appreciated more than a simple store-bought gift.

4. A Portable Wood-burning Stove – Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

Seeing as you’re going on a camping trip to celebrate your loved one’s milestone birthday, it’s likely your loved one is a fan of the Great Outdoors.

Therefore, buying a practical gift might make more sense.

One option for a special gift that can be used on camping or glamping trips, as well as for motorhome adventures and social gatherings at home, is a portable wood-burning stove.

While it may not be the smallest of items, a portable stove usually comes in parts that are easy to assemble, and assembled wood-burning stoves can be lifted and moved easily.

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