Whether you’re traveling for work, business, or vacation, safety should always be a priority. If you follow the news, you most likely hear stories of people taking advantage of travelers. From petty crimes like purse snatchers and pick-pocketing to dangerous ones like sex traffickers, identity theft, and kidnappings, the list is often endless.

Although most travelers may never encounter dangerous crimes, embracing safety practices can make your trip more pleasant and less stressful. If you plan to travel soon but are unsure how to stay safe, here are seven simple ways to do so.

Safety Tips For Travelers

1. Avoid Flashy Jewelry

being Safe During Travel

A straightforward way to keep yourself safe during travel is to avoid flashy, expensive jewelry. Wearing this kind of jewelry makes you an obvious robbery target when visiting new places. If you love costly jewelry, leaving it at home during travel, particularly when visiting crowded areas, makes you less vulnerable to robbery.

Additionally, try as much as possible to blend in with the locals. Dress like them and avoid abrupt stops to take photos on busy streets. If you get lost, don’t make it obvious. Instead, step into a café or shop to check the map or ask for directions.

2. Bring A Tactical Pen

A tactical pen can enhance your safety during your travels in various ways. Although it writes like all other pens, it comes with an LED light, a glass-breaking tip, and impact edges to help dissuade attackers. You can use a tactical pen as a self-defense weapon if in danger. However, it’s not lethal and can’t kill a person.

A tactical pen’s glass-breaking tips can be invaluable if you find yourself in a car with an attacker and need to get away. Some attackers may recognize the pen and choose not to attack you, deterring possible attacks.

3. Practice Responsible Drinking

Practice Responsible Drinking

Another vital safety tip every traveler should embrace is responsible drinking. Most travelers find it fun to explore local nightlife whenever they travel. Although there’s nothing wrong with doing so, irresponsible drinking during travel can pose serious security risks. For example, being drunk makes you a target for crimes such as robbery and scams. Worse still, you could end up in dangerous neighborhoods or have your drink spiked if you drop your guard.

4. Avoid Carrying Large Amounts Of Cash

Carrying large chunks of money in cash is never a good idea when you’re traveling. Instead of taking cash, bring a credit card that’s available locally or open an account with a global bank. Avoid carrying it around if you have to withdraw vast amounts of cash.

Instead, lock it up safely in your hostel or hotel. Find one attached to a bank whenever you need to use an ATM. There’s a low chance that scammers have tampered with such teller machines.

Additionally, avoid keeping all your cash in a single place. Minimize the risk of losing money by holding it and any credit cards you may have in different areas. This way, you won’t be left empty-handed if one gets stolen.

5. Familiarize Yourself With Common Scams

Before taking off for your trip, research your destination and learn about the common strategies scammers use to steal from visitors. Scams can range from using children to trick visitors into sympathy to using RFID scanners. Having this information ahead of your trip reduces your chances of falling victim.

6. Invest In A Good Travel Bag

Invest in a good travel bag

Investing in a good travel bag can stay safe and avoid losing your stuff. Choose a cross-body bag instead of a hand or shoulder bag. Cross-body bags can deter people from grabbing your things as they ride or run by. When shopping for a travel bag, opt for those that have safety features like slash-proof straps, locking zippers, and RFID blockers. As you do so, prioritize your needs and preferences.

7. Get Contacts For Emergency Services

Another way to keep yourself safe during travel is to have contacts for emergency services at hand. Ensure you have information for emergency services in your travel destination before commencing your trip.

Have the numbers in a place where you can access them quickly in an emergency. For instance, you can save them on your phone or write them in a notebook you always carry. If you’re traveling to a different country, check out the location of your country’s closest embassy ahead of your trip and take the contact details.

Final Thoughts

Staying safe during travel is vital for you and your loved ones. Although you may not have complete control of travel risks, there are simple steps that you can take to minimize those risks. Proper planning and preparation can keep common safety issues like petty theft and attacks. So, if you have an upcoming trip, keep yourself safe during travel by applying the seven tips discussed above.

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