If you’re putting in a lot of miles in a single trip, then it’s worth choosing a vehicle with the best possible safety rating. For motorists who regularly travel long distances, whether, for work or leisure, this concern is even more pressing.

Fortunately, modern cars are far, far safer than their counterparts of just a few decades ago. The establishment of Euro NCAP safety ratings has helped to drive manufacturers to even greater heights – and, today, it’s a surprise if a new release doesn’t earn the five-star safety rating.

With that said, some manufacturers tend to perform better than others when it comes to safety.

Top Picks for the Safest Cars for Long-Distance Travel



Audi has a stellar reputation when it comes to safety. Historically, the company has been crash-testing its cars since the 1930s. In recent times, the company’s commitment to safety has come in the form of advanced features like automatic braking and lane assist.

Even if you’re shopping second-hand, therefore, you’ll benefit from a car that’s got safety fundamentally baked into its design. You can pick up a used Audi from approved vendors, and benefit from all of the features we’ve touched upon and more.


The famous autopilot feature on the Tesla makes them appealing to those looking to travel long distances. Despite some of the marketing, the cars are not, in fact, fully autonomous. The driver must be ready to take control of the car at all times – and a failure to be ready can actually be a severe safety problem.


On the other hand, there are certain parts of a Tesla that we might point to as inherently safer. While lithium-ion batteries have been known to burst into flames, this is actually a very rare occurrence. The weight of the battery, which is kept at the very bottom of the car, helps to lower the vehicle’s overall center of gravity, which makes it less likely to flip. Consequently, it’s scored highly in multiple NCAP tests, with models S and Y being singled out for praise.

Land Rover

A Land Rover is obviously a fantastic match for off-road adventures, but it’ll also make a capable, luxurious vehicle on the road, too. It’s amazingly reliable, comes with acres of space in the rear, and it’s resilient enough to stand up to any punishment from the outside. While you might pay a lot for a quality Land Rover, you might find worthwhile options on the used market.

Hyundai IONIQ

Hyundai IONIQ 6

If you’re looking for the safest possible all-electric vehicle, it’s difficult to beat the IONIQ 6, which recently topped the Euro NCAP ratings for the large family car class. In certain categories, like Adult Occupant Protection, it scored very highly; in others, it actually scored the maximum possible marks.

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