With over 56% of the world’s population living in the cities, we have forgotten what a simple country life is like. Despite most places becoming urbanized, some parts of the world still have the captivating charms of the yesteryears. The English countryside is one such place.

You will be surprised by how untouched the English villages seem when you make your way through the country.

The countryside of England is a stark contrast to its ultramodern cities like London, Manchester, and Liverpool. It is a must-visit for anyone vacationing in Britain. If you need more motivation to get on that plane, here are a few more reasons why you should visit the English countryside.

Causes to Visit the English Countryside

English Countryside

1. Breath in The Fresh Air

If you have ever seen English countryside photos, you must have noticed how green it looks. The country air is as fresh as it gets, with the green grass, plants, shrubs, and trees exuding that much-needed oxygen.

If you have been stuck in cities with polluted air, retreating to the countryside can give you that breath of fresh air you need. English country air is recommended for those who are stressed, depressed, or unwell.

Breathing in the fresh air is one of the perks of traveling. In the past, the “English city folks” always visited the country to breathe in the fresh air to improve their health and mood, as recommended by their physicians.

This has scientific backing, as more oxygen in your blood can boost serotonin levels. Getting more oxygen can help cure brain fog and give you clarity of mind. It can make your lungs healthier and reduce or cure airborne illnesses.

2. Walk through the Charming Villages

The English countryside looks truly magical. With the rolling green hills dotted with large ancient trees, the misty moors, and haunting rocky structures, the beautiful countryside will take your breath away.

The picturesque villages neatly lined with small stoned cottages – covered with flowering vines can only evoke adjectives like charming and quaint. Each village has its own charm, and while they might seem visually different, you will always find them beautiful.

You will most often find cobbled pathways leading to the town square, where you are bound to find a landmark like a statue or a fountain.

The village cottages always look like they walked out of fairy tales and take a deeper magical turn during the winter when most villages turned into snow-covered wonderlands.

While you might think there is more to do in the cities, experiencing the country living from a quaint local bed and breakfast is entirely different.

Choose a small town like Clovelly, Devon, or Bibury, Cotswolds, and get wowed by the charming country life. Explore the village shops and cafes, and get a taste of the delicious regional cuisine.

3. Experience the Royal Life

If you have seen enough British movies and TV shows, you know that England is a land of castles. There are about 4000 castles in Englands and countless large estates with mansions that look like Victorian palaces. If you visit these places, you will be blown away by their architecture and design.

A few of the notable castles you will find in the English countryside include the 700 hundred-year-old Alnwick Castle you have seen in the Harry Potter movies. Other castles you can visit include Warwick castle and Dover Castle, both of which are more than 800 years old.

Some English castles have been converted into hotels where you can literally live like the royals. Witnessing the peak of English luxury or getting haunted by ancient ghosts, staying in an English castle is an experience worth having.

4. See the Geological Wonders

Geographically, Britain is majestic. This is why people wish to visit a land of rising natural edifices, rocky cliffs, and valleys. Four of the seven natural wonders of the UK are in the English countryside.


Inside the Lake District Natural Park lies the glacial valley of Wastwater, which is one of the natural wonders.

At the foot of the highest English Mountain, Scafell Pike, Wastwater is one of the deepest English lakes. Standing by the lake’s edge will give you the most dramatic and stunning view in England.


Another place is Dovedale in the Peak District, a valley made of limestone rocks with fossilized remains of sea creatures living in this region about 350 million years ago. Dovedale caves, also known as the dove holes, housed cavemen thousands of years ago.

The Needles

The Needles in the western Isle of Wight is another one of these natural wonders. It is three large stacks of chalk in a row, rising out of the ocean. The cliffs near The Needles are also white-washed and made of rocks covered by chalks, making the entire coastline stand out visually.

the English Countryside

Jurrasic Coast

Lastly, the fourth English natural wonder is the  Jurassic Coast. This World Heritage Site is on the southern coast of England.

The entire area is filled with rock formations that have been formed over a span of 185 million years due to coastal erosion. What makes this site even more special is the fossilized remains of various sea creatures that have lived here during that period.

The geological wonders on the Jurrasic Coast include arches, stacked rocks, and pinnacles. This place is a must-visit by anyone who wants to take a look at the ancient wonder of England.

5. Discover the Neolithic Traces

You will be surprised by how much of the English countryside has been constructed by the people who have lived here for hundreds of years. The English people landscaped the land according to what they liked.

The natural preserve in England has been molded by thousand years of human intervention. If the English countryside looks picturesque, it’s because the people have edited and evolved the land according to their tastes and culture.

And this started with the Neolithic people who cut down forestland to create their civilizations. You will see traces of the Neolithic people all over Britain, with 316 stone circles in England only, with the most famous of these sites being Stonehenge.

There’s no better way to relish the outdoors at night than staring up at the stars from the middle of Stonehenge! Nobody knows who created this prehistoric stone circle in Salisbury, England. However, we can only rely on numerous folklore that has been passed down for generations. Other neolithic sites include the Avebury stone circle and Silbury Hill.

6. Explore the Wildlife

Nobody comes to England thinking that they are going there to see wildlife, but they should. If you take your time to go through one of the natural reserves or simply choose to “ramble” through the countryside, you will find a variety of fauna.

From small animals like squirrels and badgers to larger animals like foxes and deer, there is so much wildlife to spot in the English countryside.

You will find otters in the rivers, and you might even spot dolphins and whales sitting by the coastline. There are also a variety of birds in England, including the famous and curious Clown bird, the Puffin.

7. Gastropubs

The traditional English pubs in the countryside can give you the most heartwarming food experience in all of England. Many of these open fireplaces and traditional decor immediately teleport you to the past.

Have a hearty meal in one of these pubs and experience the best local cuisines. One such cuisine is the Sunday roast, a large plate filled with meat, veggies, and the famous Yorkshire pudding.

As for the drinks, you will find foaming ales, beer, lager, and so much more that you will never run out of things to try. Pubs are dotted all over the English countryside. If you go hiking, your aim can be to go from one distant pub to the next, where you can hydrate yourself after that extensive walk!

8. Visit the Seaside


Let’s not forget that England is, after all, an island. The entire country is surrounded by picturesque coastlines that you can never get enough of.

You will find the most beautiful seaside experience in Cornwall, South of England. Beautifully warm in the summer, the beaches in Cornwall give away turquoise waters.

You can also try exploring the beaches in Dorset, Norfolk, and Northumberland, and you won’t be disappointed. Many of the colder English shores are lined with dramatic cliffs and offer the most sensational view of the ocean.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how wonderful the English countryside is, we hope you take a trip to the rural areas when visiting England. Ramble through the village or down the health, and make sure to grab a drink at the nearest country pub. There is so much to see and explore that you can never get tired of the English countryside.

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