“I’ve never flown privately before, so why should I now?” – This is an often asked question, particularly by those new to the private jet industry. Indeed, seeing someone board a private plane usually causes the average person to believe that it’s solely for celebrities or other extremely wealthy people. However, this is not always the case. The private aviation sector has grown over the years, and it is becoming more accessible to the average individual for various reasons, including cost and perks. Aircraft rental cost probably isn’t as expensive as you think.

Flying on a commercial airline is not for everyone, especially if you have a large family, however travelling on a commercial aircraft has grown more difficult for some than ever before. Private flights provide an option for people who prefer greater privacy and luxury than is available at most major airports and airlines. Flying privately provides comfort, privacy, flexibility, and convenience that you will not find anywhere else. Here are some of the advantages of flying privately on your next family trip.


Time for Your Family

Safety is always the number one priority for your family and their wellbeing. Private aircraft travel is a safer method to fly since it exposes passengers to fewer health and security threats. Passengers on commercial airlines experience 700 touch points per flight, whereas private jet passengers experience only 20. This suggests that the risk of contagion in private aviation is 30 times lower than in commercial flights. Furthermore, chartered jet passengers can use private terminals where they can unwind before their trip, away from the congestion and bustle of commercial airline terminals. Finally, because of the small number of passengers at private airports, workers and travellers interact with fewer people, reducing their exposure to health concerns.


Time is one of the primary advantages of flying by private jet. You will save time by flying on a chartered plane; they are nothing more than time machines in their most basic form. Travelling by private aircraft saves you time compared to commercial air travel for two main reasons. The first factor is the airport of preference. Private aeroplanes can take off from considerably smaller airports than commercial planes. In addition, you can choose the airport that is most convenient for you.

The time spent at the airport is the second reason travelling by chartered aircraft saves you time. Whereas commercial flights require you to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before departure, in some circumstances, two or three hours, flying by private aircraft allows you to arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before departure. As a result, significantly less time is spent waiting on the ground.

Family Trip

More Convenient

Checking in luggage on commercial aeroplanes is frequently more drama than it is worth. In most situations, you must not only pay for baggage, but you must also adhere to their luggage rules. This problematic issue is eliminated when you fly with a private jet charter. All baggage is free and can be stored in the storage area or onboard, allowing you to easily access your belongings during the journey.

More Comfort

There are over 7000 private planes to pick from throughout the world, each with its own unique interior, but we think you’ll agree that you’ll arrive at your destination in comfort, elegance, and style no matter which jet you choose. They offer huge cabins with beautiful, comfy seats, and on larger jets, the seats may be converted into beds, ensuring you arrive rejuvenated and relaxed at your destination.

Better for Pets

Taking your pet in the hold on a lengthy flight can be stressful for you and your pet. Not all commercial airlines accept dogs in any case, or they demand a high premium for them if they do. Your pet can sit next to you on a private plane and enjoy the same comfort level as you.

Next Family Trip

More Personalised

Private plane travel provides a more personalised experience, with the ability to order personalised amenities such as food, entertainment media, reading materials, and even special designer scents. If you are celebrating a special occasion, you can arrange ahead of time with the operator to have the plane decorated in accordance with your concept.

More Private Time for Your Family

Consider if the only people on your next flight were those you invited. You can hold discreet meetings in flight, work without interruptions, or spend time with your friends and family on a private trip.

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