We thank the volunteers who donate their generous time and expertise to the service of the Everest ER.

2003: Dr. Luanne Freer, Dr Brian Gee, Dr Chris Ho, Lakpa Norbu Sherpa
2004: Dr. Luanne Freer, Dr. Denise Merritt, Lakpa Norbu Sherpa
2005: Dr. Luanne Freer, Dr. An Janssen, Dr. Fred DeClerck, Lakpa Norbu Sherpa
2006: Dr. Luanne Freer, Dr. Eric Johnson, Lakpa Norbu Sherpa
2007: Dr. Luanne Freer, Dr. Ola Dunin-Bell, Dr. Suzanne Boyle, Lakpa Norbu Sherpa
2008: Dr. Luanne Freer, Dr. Steve Altmin, Dr. Anna McKinlay, Lakpa Norbu Sherpa
2009: Dr Luanne Freer, Dr Eric Johnson, Dr Torrey Goodman, Lakpa Norbu Sherpa
2010: Dr Luanne Freer, Dr Steve Halvorson, Dr Peter Hackett, Lakpa Norbu
2011: Dr Luanne Freer, Dr. Jennifer Pond, Dr Rachael Anderson, Lakpa Norbu Sherpa

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