25th April 2016 

“At 1156 today, a minute’s silence was held at Everest ER and other climbing team campsites, to remember the effects of the magnitude 7.8 earthquake across Nepal and the avalanche at Everest Base Camp. Today was a very different scene; beautiful snowy mountains, blue skies and sunny, although the daily small avalanches around the camp are a reminder of the powerful natural environment we are living in. Life moves forwards, but those of us who were here last year will never forget. We remember those who died and those who were injured, and their family and friends. My lasting memories are of the speed at which our home turned to chaos, and the battle to bring order back; to find and treat the injured, and to provide the best medical care we could. The skill set within Base Camp is extraordinary. Thank you again to all those who worked alongside myself and Meg – we will always be grateful for your capabilities in the most challenging circumstances imaginable, your kindness and support. This seaon I worked with Tatiana, Tash and Yogi to help set up the brand new tent, and already 90 patients have been cared for there, as well responding to medical emergencies around the campsite. I believe strongly in the importance of having an exceptional medical service in this remote place. Everest ER remains critical to helping maintain the health of those who live and work here, and has a vital role in major incidents.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Everest ER, the Himalayan Rescue Association, and all organisations working to promote safety in the mountains. Thank you also for continuing to support the rebuilding of Nepal, in particular the remote regions.”
Dr Rachel Tullet
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