If you are willing to invest in a luxury fairytale vacation, take some time to plan your activities ahead. As you will be spending some serious cash on this, it is natural that you want to get the most out of it.

Here are some tips for you on how to enjoy the full experience of a vacation in a luxury resort.

Do research on luxury resorts

This is a very important thing to do beforehand. Check your accommodation, and take your time to go through everything you find about the place you want to book. See if there are reviews from people that stayed there.


This might get you recommendations for a glorious exotic place, or suggest some fun activities. Do not feel uncomfortable asking if they offer some special deals and services.

A four, or five-star hotel would probably give you something โ€˜extraโ€™ for the money you are going to spend and that is perfectly normal. A complimentary bottle of champagne, breakfast-in-bed options, or special occasion deals can be great options, and we encourage you to use them.

Stay informed about all the extras that the place is offering by giving them a good old phone call. This way you can find something that is not disclosed on their website or a booking site.

Organize your time

Organize your time

We know you are probably not going to sit in your room the whole day because you want to go sightseeing, shopping and explore in the USA. But, hear us out – you will not exactly have enough time to enjoy what you have paid for if you are spending most of the day outside. Let us explain.

It is a long shot to book an exclusive and expensive resort stay, with all the extras like an indoor pool, or a spa if you plan on being outside all the time. If you are staying inside for just a couple of hours during the day, or practically just sleep there, you can do well with more affordable options.

To get the most out of your visit, take your time to plan your outdoor and indoor activities. You can perhaps take a walk in the morning after breakfast or book a food tour, and spend the rest of the day enjoying the resort, swimming or just chilling in a hot tub.

Try to rest

Try to rest

Most of us often come back home from our vacations even more tired than we were before them. You are almost always in a rush to run through this place, see this or that piece of art, visit that particular store, or whatever you want to experience on your travel.

That is, of course, nice and we all enjoy that, but it gives a certain rush feeling to the vacation that is supposed to be your time to rest and recharge before going back to work or school.

So the next time you book a room in aย  โ€˜boujeeโ€™ resort, do not rush to the crowded streets all the time. Take your time to just enjoy a relaxing bath, breakfast on the terrace, or a nice cup of tea and a book in your glorious king-sized bed.

Vacations should not be just running from place to place or from one restaurant to another. Just try to give yourself time to actually enjoy it. Even if that means you will not get to see the statue of the other side of the town, or miss a day of shopping in the most popular shopping centers.


If you are well organized, you will have plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities as well as comfy nights in a glamorous room with a view! Make your vacation just the way you want it to be. Have fun and travel safely.

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