The magic of cannabis is the variety of ways it can be consumed. If you have been a long-time cannabis consumer, then you know that sticking to one method of ingestion can cause your tolerance to grow until you no longer feel euphoric after use.

Did you know the same thing can happen when you stick to the same cannabis strain? That’s right – swapping around your weed strains can be useful in breaking the tolerance you may have developed over time.

However, switching up strains is not easy, especially for those who do not know what “indica vs sativa” means. Are you finding yourself in this position? You are not alone – keep reading to learn about the difference between indica and sativa marijuana strains.

What Is Indica?

What Is Indica

After ingestion, indica weed strains cause the user to feel sedated and calm. For example, those in search of an intense body-high feeling should consider indica strains.

Now that you know indica marijuana strains are fantastic for feelings of haziness and deep relaxation, you can probably assume that these strains can cause individuals to feel so tranquil that they fall asleep.

Thus, many cannabis consumers who actively struggle with sleep will seek out indica strains as a way of making them tired.

Additionally, regardless of how long you have been consuming cannabis, you might know that weed strains come in lots of different colors. It is typical to see flower buds laced with hues of purple, gold, rose, and green. Interestingly enough, those purple weed strains are mostly indica or indica-dominant hybrid strains.

What Is Sativa?

What Is Sativa

The following fact may or may not surprise you: sativa weed strains do the exact opposite of indica weed strains. This is the main reason behind the indica vs. sativa discussion in the weed world. While that discussion is not centered around which strain is better, it does highlight all of the many differences between the two.

Sativa weed strains are known to make the user feel productive, creative, energetic, and relieved of anxiety or stress. In contrast to the body-high and sluggish feelings produced by indica marijuana strains, those searching for an intense mind-high feeling should turn to sativa-heavy strains.

Buds of sativa weed are fluffy and full, with hints of lighter greens throughout. Sativa marijuana plants grow lanky and stalky, with elongated leaves that are thin and delicate.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid Strains

Tucked within the differences between indica vs. sativa come hybrid strains. Hybrid weed strains mean that the marijuana was grown with complementary levels of both indica and sativa genetics.

So, if you are craving a simultaneous energetic and sleepy feeling, cannabis hybrids are the way to go. You can choose from sativa dominant, indica dominant, or an even 50-50 mix of the two.

Indica vs. Sativa: Know Your Strains

If you are the type of cannabis consumer who knows how you want to feel, you have to know the differences between indica vs. sativa strains. And, if you’re wanting the best of both worlds, hashing over the idea of a hybrid strain is a fantastic idea.

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