Puerto Rico is a bright, colorful, vibrant Caribbean island, full of gorgeous landscapes, beautiful architecture, and stunning beaches. Puerto Rico offers natural beauty and glorious visual offerings everywhere you turn and is one of the best places for photographers to visit.

Whether you love nature photography or are looking for the perfect backdrop for your new Instagram profile, the Caribbean’s third largest island will deliver in spades. Plus, as a US territory, you don’t even need a passport to visit!

So, whether you are visiting San Juan for a day on a cruise or planning to explore Puerto Rico on a longer vacation, don’t forget to pack your camera!

Here Are Some Of The Best Places To Photograph In Puerto Rico

Old San Juan

Old San Juan

The oldest part of the island’s capital is a glorious mismatch of Spanish colonial-era architecture, winding cobbled streets, colorful houses, and modern political street art. Here are a few of the best spots to grab a few snaps in Old San Juan.

Fortaleza Street

This is probably the most photographed spot in San Juan, and it is easy to understand why as soon as you arrive. A delightful old cobbled street that leads up to the Governor’s Mansion, it is pedestrian-only, meaning that there are no modern cars around to spoil the glorious historic view. The street usually has something interesting and eye-catching suspended overhead, from bright umbrellas to a huge, waving Puerto Rican flag.

Calle Imperial

A quiet little back alley, the main attraction of Calle Imperial is the huge mural of the red, white, and blue Puerto Rican flag painted on a set of double doors at the end. This, contrasted with the yellows and oranges of the surrounding houses, makes an amazing background for any photo.

Cuartel De Ballajá

This building has a fascinating history which would make it well worth a visit on its own, but it is also a delightful place to photograph. Originally a barracks, it has been a museum, a dance and music school, the official Spanish language school of Puerto Rico, and a set of government buildings. The stacked arches and wonderful symmetry of the architecture make taking great photographs a breeze.

Mosquito Bay

Mosquito Bay

Getting out of San Juan, no photographic exploration of Puerto Rico would be complete without discovering the magical natural phenomenon that is bioluminescence. Head to the island of Vieques (around 8 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico) and take a small boat out into Mosquito Bay after dark. Once all light has disappeared, every splash on the surface of the sea will bring the water alive with neon lights, an extraordinary phenomenon and one that can be truly stunning when captured properly. As it requires nighttime photography this expedition is best undertaken by experienced photographers with the right kit, but it is undoubtedly also worth experiencing even if you don’t take any photos at all!

El Yunque

El Yunque

The vast rainforest of El Yunque is a wildlife photographer’s dream. From glorious cascades to incredible panoramic vistas, it is a stunning prospect, the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest system, and offers photographers a huge variety of flora and fauna to discover.

Juan Diego Creek

This is a delightful little river with a waterfall you can swim through. Photos of the pool and the falls themselves are excellent (and make great Instagram fodder!).

La Coca Falls

La Coca Falls are rather more dramatic, cascading down a sheer cliff face, meaning you might want a camera with a decent zoom to allow you to get a combination of close-up shots as well as snaps of the entire waterfall.

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