We always wait so long for summer, but it usually passes very quickly. To keep the sunny days going as long as possible, save them for bright pictures. The warm weather and abundance of natural light open up a wide range of possibilities for family, romantic, children’s, and portrait photo shoots. You don’t even need to contact photographers and waste money and time waiting for photos to accomplish this. You will be able to organize such a photo shoot yourself and process the images in a portrait editor. Some ideas look especially interesting.

Creative Ideas for Summer Photo Shoots

  • The Magic of Water

Ideas for Summer Photo

It doesn’t matter at all whether you choose the sea, a river or a lake. There are no bad options when it comes to sparkling splashes, sincere smiles, and a great mood. When taking photos near water, you can experiment with reflections and highlights. Complement your shots with thematic props: use a paper boat, an inflatable circle, a colored bedspread, etc. Don’t forget about accessories for yourself! A wide-brimmed hat, expressive glasses, and fashionable jewelry will be a highlight of the photos. A more interesting picture can become if the model has tattoos or piercings. Not ready to experiment with your looks? Turn to retouchme.com/piercing-photo-editor to add a twist to your image!

If you’re bored on shore, rent a yacht, catamaran, kayak, or regular boat. Open-water photo shoots always look amazing.

  • Relaxing in Nature

Lush greenery is the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot. Picnic themes involve plaids, baskets, and picturesque food. Such a plot is suitable for a family, as well as for a couple in love. Camping is the choice of those who are not afraid of adventure. Tents, fishing, field kitchen – it’s hard to think of a more summery plot!

  • Let’s Hit the Road

Walking along a desert highway, biking, or shooting with a car is an unconventional solution. Near a busy highway, you get dynamic shots, and on an old railroad, you get philosophical images.

  • Juicy Colors

Fruits and berries are indispensable summer attributes. Their advantage is that they are suitable for photo sessions in different moods: fun and sexy, romantic and familial. Using fruit, you can put color accents and balance the composition.

  • Playing in An Amusement Park

Summer is the perfect time to let the inner child out for a ride! Spin on the carousel, catch the wind on the swings, and fly down the dizzying slide – the camera will catch all your emotions. Ice cream, cotton candy, and other themed sweets will make the photos vivid and fun. Soap bubbles fit perfectly into such a plot.

  • Fieldscapes

There are many shooting scenarios in this theme. You can go to a romantic lavender field or try on an ethnic costume and get lost among the sunflowers. Beautiful photos are taken against a backdrop of golden wheat and in a hayloft.

summer photo

  • Village Vibe

You can capture an energetic country session on a farm or funny moments with domestic animals. Expressive photos come from using garden tools as props.

  • Hiding in the Night

Try shooting against a backdrop of city lights for striking shots. The empty streets and the elusive magic of darkness are the settings for mysterious stories. Another night scene is sitting around a campfire. The warm glow of the fire can be beaten in different ways, adding to the photo a mystical mood or the cozy spirit of friendly gatherings.

  • Retro and Pin-Up

Summer weather is a great excuse to take out some corny images. A girl in a discreet midi dress, wearing an elegant hat, with a string of pearl beads in the background of ancient architecture and cobblestone streets is a win-win story. If you like a more active look, grab a dress with a high waist and a bouffant skirt, tie your hair with a ribbon, and get up on heels – stylish photos that look like postcards from the 40s are guaranteed!

summer photo ideas

  • Pets in the Frame

A walk with a pet is a great subject for a summer photo shoot. A beloved dog, cat, rabbit, or ferret is a source of joy that will be evident in the photo. Horses and ponies always look good in art photos.

Inspired by photoshoot ideas, don’t put off taking the picture. Summer will end very quickly, but happy emotions remain in the photo album.

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