What’s not to love about the fragrant aroma and distinctive flame of a candle? Candles make a setting complete, whether in a formal dining room or a canvas tent. If you are interested in starting your own candle-making company, look no further, because we have all the answers for you in the following article. So, let’s get started!

How To Start a Candle-Making Company?


Determine Your Target Market

The first step you’ll want to take is to determine if there is a market for your hand-crafted candles. Check out local natural product stores, farmer’s markets, and other local, artisan venues. If you note candles in every corner, your market may be too crowded for you to enter and compete for business. If you see few, if any, hand-crafted candles, that is your signal to begin making candles. Ask vendors in artisan shops and organic grocery stores if they would be willing to buy your candles, and ask people who could become your customers if they would like hand-crafted candles available for purchase. After determining if there is a market for your candles, make your decision to either start a candle-making company or wait for a season that will allow you to enter the market at a more favorable entry point.

Research Your Competitors

There are typically few hand-crafted candle companies stocked in larger retail stores or outlets; however, there are typically plenty to be found wherever organics and natural products are sold. Homemade soaps, hand-sewn linens, natural beeswax, and other all-natural products align with hand-crafted candles in specialty gift shops and in natural foods stores. Check out the candles sold by your competitors to determine how your company will offer candles that will overcome the competitors. Will your candles cost less or burn longer than your competitors? Will you offer fragrances that are all-natural and gift boxes, as well? Provide unique offerings to overcome your competitors and increase your sales at the same time.

Create Your Hand-Crafted Candle Brand

candle making

After identifying your target market develop a clear branding for your hand-crafted candle company. Remember, your customer can easily remember your business when you clearly define your brand with the experience you provide.

Establish your brand image, and maintain the color scheme and other elements to maintain the consistency of your brand.

Only a defined brand can set your candle-making company different and unique from competitors and build a strong impression to customers.

Choose Appropriate Marketing Channels

Choosing the right marketing channels for your candle-making company is crucial to avoid wasting time and resources by jumping on a marketing channel that doesn’t actually reach your target market. To identify the channels that can provide high-impact, yet cost-effective marketing solutions, consider these questions:

  • Should I pay for advertising?
  • What types of content and advertising are most likely to attract my target market?
  • What social media platforms does my target market use?
  • Which type of content should I post on a regular basis to capture attention?
  • Should I market via email or text messages?
  • Is it better to use Google Maps or location-based marketing?

These questions are an important part of choosing the marketing channels that will best represent your candles and sell through most effectively.

Create Your Business Plan

A primary focus of starting a candle-making company should be the business plan that you’ll create. Your business plan outlines current and future projections for growth and financial projections, along with marketing plans, differentiation, operations and more. If you don’t yet have one, use this candle business plan to effectively include every element needed to start your candle-making company successfully.


One of the greatest advantages of creating a business plan is that it can be presented to interested lenders, investors, banks, and financial institutions as a complete overview of the company and the financial picture it contains. This is especially helpful if you need up-front funding or a business loan upon start-up.

Prepare Your Operations Plan

As one of the final preparations for the start of your candle-making company, organize an operations plan for your company. This plan should include the equipment and supplies needed to make the candles, along with packing, gift boxes, master cartons, and pallets that will be necessary for proper shipping. Include in your plan the process to make the candles, pack and ship them and identify the role of the employees who will begin and complete the processes.

Also, identify the roles for administrative staff members and add the responsibilities of each. Ensure all employees receive clear communication regarding the start-up of your candle-making company, including your mission and objectives. Purchase any remaining equipment, software or supplies needed to ensure operations run smoothly from day one.

Yes! You can start a candle-making company…and you’re now positioned for success.

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