Everyone loves a good destination honeymoon. After the effort of planning the wedding, spending time with family members, and making it through the actual ceremony, the only thing newlywed couples want to do is run away to some remote location to relax together. In fact, 99% of couples take honeymoons after their weddings!

As a travel agent, it’s your job to send them to the perfect place, and more importantly, let couples know you offer the services they need. Here are a few tips to help you promote your destination honeymoon packages.

Design Eye-Catching Travel Posters


Couples think about their honeymoon long before the wedding, and they look for inspiration everywhere. All it takes is one little push to get soon-to-be-married couples to consider one of your destination honeymoon packages. One of the best ways to promote your travel packages is with a few well-placed travel posters.

By putting up travel posters promoting your honeymoon packages all over town in restaurants, stores, office buildings, etc., you can get your information in front of couples looking for a great honeymoon idea while they’re going about their lives — and likely thinking about their wedding plans.

The key to getting the most return on investment for your travel poster marketing strategy is to have eye-catching designs. You want to attract as much attention as possible, so your design has to be good!

Since you’re busy sending people to their dream destinations all over the world, you probably don’t have time to design a killer travel poster from scratch. Luckily, there are plenty of templates for travel posters available online from PosterMyWall.

Simply find the template that works best for your brand, fill in your information, and download the new file. You’ll be ready to hang amazing travel posters all over town showcasing your incredible destination honeymoon packages, along with prices and itineraries to inspire couples to visit your agency!

Share Swoon-Worthy Posts On Social Media


According to statistics, about 20% of couples use social media to find a honeymoon destination. Just imagine, a bride-to-be is scrolling through her social media feed and sees an amazing picture of a pristine beach with palm trees and crystal-clear water. She thinks to herself, “Wow, I should go there for my honeymoon!” Reading the description, she sees that your agency actually offers packaged deals to go there, and she contacts your agency to book a consultation.

If you want this dream to come true, you need to have some eye-catching social media posts. Use plenty of high-quality pictures of the places couples like to honeymoon the most, like the beach or the mountains. The more picturesque, the more attention it’ll get!

In the description, make sure you provide enough information about your travel agency to make it easy for couples to book your services or get in touch.

Remember the travel posters you created to hang around town? You can also download them as PDFs to upload to your favorite social media channels to provide quick, informational content to all your followers.

Build Your Email List

Email is one of the most lucrative marketing platforms available. In fact, the average email marketing campaign has a return on investment of $36 for every $1 spent. That’s a 3,600% return! This could be especially true for travel agencies.

For many travel agencies, return customers make up a good portion of their business. If you send someone on a dream trip they absolutely love, they’ll probably come back when they’re ready for another vacation. In some cases, many of these return customers might get married in the future.


Every time you get a new client, make sure you add their email address to your contact list (with their permission, of course). Then, schedule regular promotional emails for your destination honeymoon packages.

Even if one of your existing clients isn’t getting married right now, they can easily hit that Forward button to send your promotional email to someone they know who is — especially if they love your services.

Email is a powerful marketing tool for any travel agency looking to promote their destination honeymoon packages. Again, if you’re struggling to come up with content for your email, digital versions of your travel posters make great easy content that’s sure to impress!

Help More Couples Enjoy their Dream Honeymoons

Sending couples on their ideal honeymoons is more than just a paycheck for travel agencies; it’s a way to make dreams come true! But if you want to help couples enjoy the newlywed life, you have to promote your services.

Travel posters, social media posts, and email marketing are three of the best ways travel agents can promote their destination honeymoon packages. With eye-catching designs and strategic poster placements, you’ll be able to send more couples to their dream destinations around the world!

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