It would seem that taking a good picture is as easy as “one… two… click!”

But we know it’s not that simple. It takes more than that to get a good shot.

In this article, we find out about the tricks and secrets for feeling confident in front of the camera and getting those cherished good shots.

In this article I will tell you how to prepare for a photo shoot – an adult portrait, a pregnancy or a baby, and family photo shoots.

Not a big secret that careful preparation for the photo shoot is already half of a good result but also there are some features that we need to take into consideration before “magic” begin. If you want more ideas you can check out top ideas for best friend photoshoots on Skylum`s blog.

Tips For Professional Photo Shoots

1. Decide What You Want

photo shoot

Even if you’ve seen a photoshoot of your friends or acquaintances and you want the same, your future portfolio will still be very different – in light, clothing, and mood. You’ll be much happier with your pictures if you define exactly what you want before you take them.

So, first, you make a selection of pictures that you like. They are called references, that is, the pictures that we are going to refer to.

Every person has his or her understanding of “beauty “. For each professional photographer, it is very important to understand what is beautiful for you, what your mood is, and what you expect from a photo shoot.

2. How To Choose A Location For A Photoshoot

woman standing for photoshoot

Then photographers take these photos and analyze them: whether they were taken in a studio or outdoors, in a studio or a special room, at home, outdoors, and so on.

If you know the basics of photography and can distinguish between soft and hard light, and how it lies down, then you can do this analysis too.

Based on this data, we suggest a location for the person for the photo shoot. Usually, there are several locations to choose from. This can be a studio with monochrome backgrounds (white, black, gray) if you want laconic studio portraits.

It can be an interior studio that resembles an apartment if that suits your idea. If the interior studio has large windows, you can shoot there with natural light, without flashes, and it will give a more “natural” look to your photos.

There are interiors of children’s bedrooms, with special places for taking pictures of newborns, with beautiful kitchens and even bathrooms.

If it is a street location (it can be a park, forest, a field with a beautiful sunset, or a cityscape – beautiful houses, street cafes.

There’s also a third option: your home. Some shoots, especially children’s, are good to do right at home. That’s where you feel most comfortable, that’s where your life is as it is. It is important that you like your interior.

A photoshoot at home is good for a baby/family photo shoot, a pregnant couple photo shoot, and an adult portrait shoot, too. Such a photo shoot will be very lively, natural, and definitely about you.

3. How To Choose Clothes For A Photoshoot

woman standing for photoshoot

Before the photo shoot, a photographer should write a letter to you with recommendations on how to prepare for the shoot. Here, you should consider paying attention to the clothes in the selected photos. And after that, the photographer needs to write down in detail what clothes you should choose.

There are also general recommendations on the selection of clothing for the photo shoot:

  • If there are two or more people in the photo, their clothes should match each other, be in the same color scheme, in the same style (not necessarily the same color);
  • It is better if the clothes do not have large inscriptions, or drawings, as it is very distracting from the faces in the photo;
  • Monochrome clothing looks very good in photos, quietly shading the characters’ faces;
  • Small patterns can “ripple” in photos, and should be treated with caution.
  • It is better not to combine white and black, as it is too strong a contrast for the camera. For example, the classic bride and groom are quite difficult to shoot with the right exposure (so that everything is not too dark and not too light). Then the photographer needs to correct this when processing the red color in the photo is usually even brighter than in real life. However, in processing, the photographer can tone it down a bit.
  • Women’s underwear is better to wear seamlessly and match the color of the clothes or flesh-colored”4;
  • If you combine not more than 3 different colors in your clothes, then such a portrait will look more elegant and restrained.
  • T-shirts do not look good on women, it is better to replace them with blouses or shirts.
  • It’s best to take several sets to the shoot, even if you don’t wear them all. Make sure you have more options to choose from. Iron your clothes well;
  • Think of shoes to match all the sets, you can also be barefoot, especially if it’s a summer photo shoot in nature or on the beach.
  • Don`t take pictures with your socks on !!! Better barefoot, unless it’s a special idea, like matching socks for the whole family.
  • One more thing: the clothes must fit you well. You can’t use photoshop to make your clothes fit if they’re too small or too big for you. Or it will cost you a lot of money.

All these recommendations are quite general. If you have a special idea, of course, these rules can be broken. In general, it’s best to take the clothes that you like, that you like yourself in, and that you feel comfortable in (taking into account the above recommendations for patterns).

Universal clothing options for a photo shoot:

  • jeans and a shirt (e.g., white)
  • back dress, pastel/white dress
  • monochrome basic items (T-shirts, blouses, long sleeves)
  • for adult women’s portraits – single-color sweaters with coarse knits on a T-shirt or underwear, knitted socks.

4. What To Do On The Eve Of The Photo Shoot?

Here’s the short answer: get enough sleep, be well-fed, and preferably be in a good mood. Try not to worry and trust the photographer. At a photo shoot, your main task is to relax and be yourself.

You can find information about best friend photoshoots on Skylum`s blog. It will also be a source of your inspiration!

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