Sometimes it becomes terrifying for parents to pick kids camping gear while planning for a camping tour.

Since camping is all about creating long-lasting memories with your kids, hence make sure you have the right camping gear for kids. And this guide is all about meeting your quest for hunting the kids camping gear.

We’ve put together tips on essential gear, fun camping accessories, toys for camping to everything in between you need.

Tips To Choose Your Kids Camping Gear

If this is your first, second, or third time camping with kids, here are some tips on what gear you should choose for your kids.

Since many camping gears are available, choosing the best camping gear for kids is not easy. So, we’ve put together the gears that are must-haves whenever you are planning to go camping. Let’s check out the kids camping gear you can pack.

Camping Bed Or Tent For Kids

camping tent

You should consider getting a camping bed or tent for your kids. Make sure the bed is comfortable, so your kid gets a comfortable night of sleep after an exhausting day of outings.

When choosing a tent, check out its material, whether it is easy to use or not, and consider the tent’s weight. And don’t forget about the ventilation of the tent you choose.

Hiking Backpack

A hiking backpack is one of the most essential kids camping gear to pack. Since camping is all about exploring, get your kid a comfortable hiking bag.

Consider the backpack’s volume to ensure your kid carries their essentials like water bottles, snacks, etc.

Try to pick a bag with hydration compatibility and a waist belt, including a padded shoulder strap, etc.


This is one of the incredible camping gear for kids that you should consider. In addition, binoculars are an excellent opportunity for your children to explore nature. Thus, get your kid a binocular to let them do challenging activities.

And when choosing a binocular, consider the size and weight so your kid can carry this. Also, check out the magnification and durability.



A compass is an excellent tool for navigation, and it’s an incredible way to keep your kids entertained. Hence, you can consider getting your kid a compass. This will also help them understand how to use maps and develop their skills.


If the camping site has water, then bring a Seascope for your kid. This will let your children explore underwater. It’s an excellent way for younger kids to explore marine life.

Toys For Camping

If you are worried about your kids getting bored during camping, get some fun camping accessories for them. You will find many toys for camping for your kids.

For example, buckets and shovels, outdoor-themed board games, tarps, bug nets, rope, archery set, rope, Jenga, slackline, kite, bowling set, water toys, walkie-talkies, etc.

Additionally, you can bring games like balls, horseshoes, frisbee, badminton, hacky sack, etc.

Small Kids Action Camera

Don’t forget to pack a small action camera for your kid. Consider the camera durability, image quality, battery life, usability, software, etc., when choosing a camera.

Marshmallow Sticks

When it comes to camping, doing campfire activities is a must, isn’t it? And your kids may eagerly wait for roast marshmallows over the fire, so why not bring these sticks for them?

Make sure you add marshmallow sticks to your kids’ camping gear packing list.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit includes hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, sterile gauze pads, scissors, a thermometer, an eye wash solution, bug spray, pain killer, antiseptic cream, etc. These are very handy when you are planning to go camping with kids. And this is a must-have kids camping gear.

Water Bottle

Pick a bottle that can hold the right temperature of water. A water bottle is a must-have during camping since staying hydrated is a must for adults and kids.

Choose a water bottle with safety material and long-lasting. Pick a bottle with a leak-proof feature, and include break resistance.


Compared to the flashlight, headlamps are very handy at the same time; this increases safety and reduces the risk of dropping the light.

Thus, take a headlamp for your kids while planning camping. Before purchasing a headlamp, consider the size & weight so that your kid can carry this effortlessly.

Also, check out batteries, durability, adjustable tilt, and blue and green lights.

Hammock For Kids

hammock for kids

A hammock is among the best fun camping accessories for your kiddos. Your kids need some “me time” as well; hence get a hammock that will make them more delightful.

When choosing a hammock, check out its safety, hanging type, material, weight capacity, and style.

Kids Camping Essential Toiletries

Pack kid’s toiletries like shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrush, shower gel, etc. These are a must-have for taking care of the body.

Camping Lights

For a successful outdoor activity, light is essential. And when it comes camping with kids, you can choose fancy types of lanterns.

Different types of lanterns are available, for example, electric, fuel-burning, and candle lanterns. When choosing a lantern, check out the size & weight of the light, brightness, and durability.

Insect Repellent Bracelet

Make sure you take an insect-repellent bracelet for your camping. This is very handy when you are camping. An insect-repellent bracelet will protect your kids from mosquitoes or other insects.

Sturdy Outdoor Footwear For Kids

Outdoor activities mean walking and hiking. Therefore, your kid needs sturdy yet comfortable footwear. While choosing shoes, make sure to consider the support, comfort, and waterproof features of the shoes.

Other Things To Carry

kids camping

Other essential items that you should have for your kids are weather-approved comfortable clothing, snacks, medicines, etc.

Also, ensure you have a fire starter, a portable crib for younger kids, camp towels, a camp chair, trash bags, reusable water bottles, glow sticks, books, a play tent, fishing gear, bubbles, etc.

When planning camping, give your kids space so they can explore everything by themselves. Involve them while preparing for tenting. Also, ask them to help you. These will make them happy, and they can enjoy camping to the fullest.

Choosing the right gear is necessary to ensure your kids enjoy the time. And camping is a great way to spend time with kids.

Hence, if you plan your next camping trip with kids, ensure you have all the kids camping gear to take the adventures to the next level.

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