If you are in the process of finding an independent broker-dealer platform that suits your needs, you are undoubtedly seeking to grow and scale your business. While there are several platforms available, the pathway to find the one your business truly needs can be a complicated one due to varying options and the complexity of systems. In this article, we will detail the essential elements of an independent broker-dealer platform that will primarily grow and scale your business and, in addition, provide a digitally integrated portal that will automate many of your time-consuming tasks.

The right independent broker-dealer platform for you will include each of the following components:

  • A platform with an interactive workspace that pinpoints areas of growth potential. Growth is the driver in your business. Your platform should integrate information from a variety of resources with tools that will facilitate lead generation. While several platforms offer basic integration, look for one that includes the specific support elements that your business requires.


  • A platform that has a solid history of M&A performance, with hundreds of transactions and at least 1B in aggregate deal value. Examine the history of performance in platforms under consideration: the platform should have a track record of hundreds of transactions that hold a minimum of 1B in deal value. Successful historical performance is found in independent broker dealer platforms such as this example.
  • A platform that executes orders quickly, improves efficiency, and adds effectiveness in your activities. The platform you choose must work for you; itโ€™s that simple. If the platform is overloaded with unnecessary features, choose another that will reduce the time spent in interactions.
  • A platform that offers high speeds and efficient turnarounds. The platform selected should be able to operate at very high speeds and execute orders efficiently. Examine the history of the platform under consideration to determine whether these important elements are offered.
  • A platform that directs higher earned fees to the independent broker-dealer rather than taking them in-house. Many of the well-known dealer-broker platforms use algorithms that reduce the earnings of the independent broker-dealer. Ascertain the fee schedules before purchasing an independent broker-dealer platform to ensure the return on your efforts is appropriately recognized.
  • A platform that has a powerful, user-friendly workspace free of complexities. When using multiple tools concurrently, the platform should continue to function at peak levels of performance. Check the independent broker-dealer platform under consideration to determine if the workspace has the capacity to perform adequately.


  • A platform that holds a rich library of resources. An optimal selection of tools within an independent broker-dealer platform should include IBISWorld, S&P Capital IQ, D & B Hoovers, Pitchbook, and Statistica, along with other specialized resources.
  • A platform that has the capability to act as an adjunct fit for financial advisors, investment advisers, and other industry-associated professionals. The best independent broker-dealer platforms will have the flexibility to be used effectively by other, related financial advisors. This will allow multiple users across all financial positions to utilize the systems. For example, a financial advisor assisting with the purchase of a multi-location ATM business could use the independent broker-dealer platform to support the startup elements of the business, including the atm business plan that introduces the various property locations.
  • A platform that encourages collaboration and provides niche specialization, allowing banking professionals to provide additional resources for clients. Collaboration can be the key to growth drivers when bankers can assist each other in transactional relationships. The platform that can support such collaboration is a rich asset in bringing together key brokers from various firms to create unique opportunities and growth for everyone involved. Look for independent broker-dealer platforms that support such a community.


In addition to the crucial components listed above, there are a wide variety of specialized or niche functions that can be utilized for specific financial advisors, investment bankers, institutional financiers, and independent placement agents. When considering an independent broker-dealer platform, consider each of these roles, as well, and how they might be accommodated through the platform in question.

Broker-Dealer Platform: Conclusion

In this article, weโ€™ve introduced nine essential requirements of an independent broker-dealer platform that will perform effectively and efficiently across multiple interactions. The primary function of the best independent broker-deal platforms is to drive growth via lead generation, closely followed by the functionality of the platform to conduct financial transactions.

In addition, platforms should execute functions perfectly, offer high speed and efficient turnarounds, pay out higher earned fees to broker-dealers, and hold a rich library of resources. The best independent broker-dealer platforms will also act as an adjunct fit for industry-related professionals and facilitate collaborations that are flexible and highly productive. All of these elements combine to provide the best independent broker-dealer platform for you. We wish you the best of success!

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