Camping bunk beds are mandatory when you are planning a camp trip with friends and family. Camping is really fun. But in terms of beds, you may face the issue of a shortage of space or prefer not to share a bed.

And that’s where the usefulness of camping bunk beds comes in. When floor space is a major concern, these can make sleeping arrangements much simpler.

Everyone’s first tendency when getting ready for camping is to pack minimally. Using this argument, it makes sense for us to avoid large items like camp bunk beds.

Here, in this article, we’ve presented different facets of camp beds that might convince you to reconsider them. At the same time, you will need a camping floor mat when you are planning to camp.

However, let’s weigh some options to decide whether the bunk beds are worthy to carry or not. Keep reading.

Camping Bunk Beds: Features And Suitability

You might be concerned about what the beds come with. And will it be suitable for you or not? This section will discuss the general configurations of those portable bunk beds.

Features Of Camp Bunk Bed

Features Of Camp Bunk Bed

Different brands and models of portable bunk beds are available on the market. In addition, most of them come with different specifications. Here you will get an overall idea about them.

  • Built Structure: The frame is made of durable powder-coated steel that doesn’t Gather rust. Some are made of aluminum or nickel also.
  • Dimensions: The sleeping space of a single cot measures 6-7.5 feet long and 30-40 inches wide. A 6.5 or 7 feet long man can sleep there easily. It becomes about 3 feet in height when assembled. And gives a minimum ground lift of about 18 inches.
  • Weight Capacity: Each of the beds can carry 300-1000 lbs, according to different models and brands.
  • Structure Weight: Different camping bunk beds weigh in the range of 25-60 lbs.
  • Bed Material: Most of them appear with washable fabric polyesters. These are generally water and fire retardant and tear-resistant.
  • Setup and Portability: They have a patented folding system that requires no tools to set up. Most of them come with zipped carry bags.
  • Other Features: Some of them offer inbuilt side organizers. And they can also be used as single cots, benches, or couches.

Suitability Of The Camping Bunk Beds

The suitability of the camp bed can be measured by two criteria- Age and camping category.

Suitable Age

Bunk beds for kids

One of the most asked questions is, “can adults use the camping bunk beds?” The answer is, why not? People of every age can use them. But you must make sure the model is appropriate for that age.

There are many camp bunk beds for adults available in the market. To choose one for adults, consider the sturdiness of the frame and weight capacity.

Suitable Camping Category

The camp bed is convenient when you are camping with a group of people and kids. These can be carried to any destination, weather condition, and camping category.

They are a bit heavier than other sleeping options. So, it may not be suitable for those who are used to carrying light loads. But, once you take it with you, you will get the best benefits out of it.

The Efficiency Of Camping Bunk Beds

Efficiency Of Camping Bunk Beds

Probably you are not interested in carrying a bulk 30-50 lbs camping beds for tents if it is not that useful. Well, let us introduce you to some of the advantages of these beds.

Save On Space

This structure can help you to save considerable space in your tent. This is a vertical formation, so it eats up less room on the floor. As a result, you can save several square meters of your tent and use them for other stuff.

It might let you share a tent with your fellow camper. Additionally, you are free to move about or exit without stepping over anyone.

But, you need to consider the height of the tent to fit the bunk bed out.


Camping beds for tents can be used as single and double cots also. You can easily disassemble them and use them as single and double ones. You can also use them as sitting benches, couches, or day beds.

Besides camping, they come in handy for overnight guests at home, kid’s sleepovers, and playdates.


You can experience a sleeping environment the same as your home with camping bunk beds. Its sleeping surface is made of a durable fabric with a contour-following system, allowing you to sleep better and move around easily.

You don’t have to worry too much about getting soaked if it rains because you are elevated off the ground.


Their frames and fabrics have a long lifespan. The steel frames are usually powder-coated, which retains rust. And polyester fabrics tend to be fire and tear-resistant. The carry bags and side organizers also appear with mesh fabrics and firm zippers.

Additionally, these can’t be punctured like airbeds with stray or sharp things on the ground.

Storage And Organizers

Most camp beds include several storage options and organizers. These remain as side pockets and are easy to access. In addition, you can store useful things like a torch, GPS, and other camping accessories.

Easy To Assemble And Portability


The portable bunk beds are easy to assemble and don’t require any setup tools. The assembly simply takes only 3-10 minutes. Then, you can fold it and carry on bags that come with the bed.

Final Thoughts

Though camping beds for tents are a bit bulkier to carry, it has their perks. If you were too concerned about choosing these, we hope this article helped you to change your mind.

When it comes to camping, usually, camp bunks are the best choice camping floor mat for you. Additionally, while packing the camp bed, make sure you also pack a camping floor mat. You can place the mat on the floor to protect the tents, chairs, tables, etc. You can easily fold the camping floor mat into a compact cover for effortless carrying.

However, due to the comfort, added storage, and wider floor space, camping bunk beds are an ideal choice for your camping necessities.

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