If you’re yearning for a bold and unique vacation on the weekend, consider organizing a campervan trip. It’s an extensive vehicle with living accommodations. Therefore, having it on your trip allows you to visit different regions in comfort. Campervans have made camping inexpensive, easy, and more accessible. In this guide, you’ll look at everything you need to know when planning a campervan trip, including tips and how to choose the right campervan.

How To Choose The Right Campervan


Before choosing a campervan, the first decision is whether you’ll hire or buy it. This decision will depend on the cost of buying compared to hiring and how often you’ll use the campervan. Renting is cheaper if you want to use it for the weekend. But if you want to camp often, buying new or second hand campervans is cost-effective.

Now that you’ve decided to either rent or buy, it’s time to choose the right van for your weekend trip. To help you out, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What Size Do You Need? Your campervan size selection will be determined by the number of people going on the trip. If you’re traveling alone or with a friend, there are many options to choose from. However, if you’re camping as a family, you should choose large campervans.
  • What’s The Trip’s Duration? When choosing the van, consider how long the trip will be. If it’s just for the weekend, a small campervan is suitable. However, if your trip is longer, you’ll need a large campervan for extra space and comfort.
  • Do You Require A Bathroom On Board? If you’re traveling as a family, a bathroom is a must-have. Therefore, you can rule out every van without a bathroom on board.
  • How Much Storage Do You Need? Small campervans have limited space that only occupies travelers. However, if you’re traveling as a family and need to carry kids’ toys and bikes, settle for a large van with plenty of space.

Tips For Planning A Campervan Trip

Planning a campervan trip isn’t easy, especially if it’s your first time. However, with proper planning tips, your trip will surely make its way onto your bucket list. Thus, keep the following tips in mind to get a unique and adventurous campervan trip.

  • Pack Your Essentials


When going for a campervan trip, you want to ensure you pack all the things you’ll require. It includes food, water, clothes, a first aid kit, and common basic emergency tools. You also don’t want to forget items you need for sporting activities like hiking or biking equipment. Packing all the essentials before departure helps prevent stressful situations during the trip. However, don’t overpack. Remember, you will live in the van, so you don’t want it cluttered. For instance, you can pack two pairs of shoes instead of four and limit the number of clothes.

  • Plan Ahead

Before you hop up in your campervan and drive away, it’s essential to plan your route prior. It entails familiarizing yourself with your routes to avoid driving up to midnight trying to locate a campsite. If your destination is a bit far, consider splitting up the journey by residing at campsites en route. Avoid driving all the time; give yourself time to relax and enjoy beautiful landscapes along the way. You’ll also want to plan for the unexpected. For instance, you should have backup plans to repair van issues on the road. Have a GPS map to help you know where you’ll get a gas refill or help you discover amazing places on the way.

  • Learn Where You Can Park Your Campervan


After familiarizing yourself with the route, it’s wise to mark out spots where you want to park and stay. While modern campervans come with cameras to aid you with where to park, finding a large parking space isn’t easy. However, you can stay in holiday parks to enjoy all the amenities or cut down costs by free camping. You can also identify a campground or a resort to park and stay for a day or two before hitting the road.

  • Select The Right Campsite

Although you’re flexible with a van, you should be careful when choosing your campsite. Firstly, choose a campsite that allows travelers to sleep overnight. Ensure that the campsite is level and away from campsite lights as they may interfere with your night’s sleep. Since they are of different sizes and shapes, drive around to find one that suits your campervan.


Campervan trips are a unique and adventurous way to explore the outdoors from the comfort of a home. By following this guide, you’re sure to plan a smooth and enjoyable weekend campervan trip.

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