We’ve seen 365 patients so far.
212 (58%) of these have been Nepali patients.
We continue to see lots of high altitude cough and other upper respiratory complaints.

In addition to this, 21 people have been treated for a lower respiratory tract infection or pneumonia;

3 trekkers have been evacuated with severe AMS;
5 climbers have been evacuated with HAPE;
5 people have been seen with minor frostbite;

1 trekker evacuated with suspected DVT;

Several people have had flu like symptoms & CIWEC in Kathmandu has confirmed a number of flu positive cases from the Khumbu.

These numbers mean that in the 1st month, we saw more patients than the whole 2016 season…. that explains why we are keeping busy!

Aside from this numbers update, we are all going well & the team works really well together. We’ve been having sunny mornings (which we all love) and snowy afternoons.
Our chef, ❤️Phinjo continues to feed us extremely well- we are always amazed by what he can create.
Lastly, we are grateful for the expert help from Lakpa Norbu and Willie Benegas who organized helicopters for recon and recovery for our friend Ueli after his tragic death.  We are stunned and saddened by this tremendous loss to our community, as are many others here.
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