Europe is known for many things. It is home to many of the world’s major destinations, known for its long and rich history, unique culture, and more. There are plenty of other reasons to visit this continent. But, what cities here are the best to see during your student trip? Read on to learn about the top seven awesome destinations that you should consider!

Best Places In Europe To Visit



The capital city and one of the largest cities in Spain, Madrid, is a perfect destination for student travel in Europe. It is known for its unique architecture, a wealth of historical monuments, and great nightlife. This place has the entertainment to suit everyone’s taste. So, it’s definitely worth visiting.

But, there is one small trick with this destination. The thing is that the best time to visit Madrid is in the fall or spring when the weather is mild, and the crowds of tourists aren’t so huge. Of course, as a student, you might find it hard to travel during the academic year. But, don’t forget that you can buy essay online during your trip to handle a hefty academic load without getting distracted from sightseeing. This way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone – see one of the best European cities during the perfect season and keep your grades high.


Who hasn’t dreamt about visiting Paris? The capital of France is widely known for its unique atmosphere, rich history, delicious cuisine, and a variety of exciting attractions. Traveling to this place will let you see some of the world’s most famous spots like the Louver or the Eiffel Tower with your own eyes.

Also, this destination is great for students interested in cultural and historical sights. There are plenty of theaters, operas, and worldwide-famous museums. They all are pretty affordable. And the best part is that on the first Sunday of every month, you can visit museums free of charge. Though, be ready for lines of tourists who also want to enjoy France’s best museums for free.


Although Croatia may not be among Europe’s most famous destinations, it can be pretty exciting to visit as a student. Dubrovnik is a stunning city located in the South of the country. It is home to a gorgeous national park included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This place is widely known for its breathtaking nature and a wide range of festivals, concerts, and awesome nightlife in general.

Wanna know the best part? This location is pretty affordable too. According to tourist guides, you should plan to spend an average of $81 a day during your stay in Dubrovnik. For a comparison, you should expect to spend $194 per day in Paris. So, this is one more reason why you should visit this place.



If you are a big fan of sun and wine, Porto should be the number one European destination on your bucket list. This city is located in the North of Portugal and is known as one of the best wine destinations in the country. It is also the second-largest city in Portugal, so if you have always dreamt about visiting this country, Porto is a good pick.

Apart from great weather and delicious wine, Porto is also recognized for its vibrant nightlife. Bright, fun, and extravagant, this city attracts millions of young people who want to enjoy the unique cultural mood of Portugal. And it also has many great historical landmarks. So, whatever you are looking for, chances are that you will find it here!

Palma De Mallorca

Are you more into islands than destinations located on the continent? If the answer is yes, you should definitely consider Palma de Mallorca as your next European destination. This resort is known for its white sand, crystal clear water, great nature and weather, and, of course, entertainment.

There are plenty of reasons to visit this place as a student. First of all, it is low-cost, which means that you will easily afford it on a student budget. Secondly, it is a great place to get away from noisy cities and enjoy stunning beaches and exciting nightlife. What’s more, Palma de Mallorca is an ancient Roman town with a rich history and culture. So, history lovers will also find something interesting for themselves here.



The Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain – these are just a few of the many world’s best places in Europe. And they all are located in Rome. The Italian capital city attracts travelers of all ages with its rich history, unique culture, and, of course, delicious food.

This might not be the most low-cost destination. However, if you can afford to spend a little more on your vacation, seeing Rome is definitely worth it. Traveling to Rome is one of the best ideas for those looking to have a real Italian adventure. During your stay here, you will be able to enjoy stunning architecture, worldwide-famous sights, and historical spots like Pompeii. So, be sure to consider Rome as your destination.


Finally, Berlin is one last place you definitely want to see in Europe as a student. The German capital city has a history like nowhere else. This city is older than its country, it was split into two parts for nearly five decades, and it was once the beer capital of Europe. Berlin’s history is truly rich and fascinating, so there are plenty of historical landmarks and museums to see here.

Also, the city is known for its arts and vibrant nightlife. So, if you want to enjoy unique galleries and stunning party scenes, this is a place for you. There are also plenty of other reasons to take a trip to this place. But, we won’t give out all the secrets straight away. Berlin is one of those places you better see once than hear about it a thousand times.


So, these were some of the best places in Europe that you can visit as a student. Each of them is worth your attention due to many reasons. So, be sure to consider these options when planning your Euro trip!

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