Are you an avid hiker? Do you enjoy walks in nature or do you go camping on a regular basis? In any of these scenarios, you are likely aware that preparation is key if you hope to fully leverage the experiences. Unfortunately, we often fail to appreciate the dangers that the sun can pose to our skin. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause premature aging, it promotes wrinkles and the sun has been associated with higher incidences of skin cancer. The good news is that a cutting-edge mineral-based sunscreen treatment can offer robust levels of protection while on the go. Let’s take a closer look.

Modern Methods to Boost the Natural Defenses of Your Skin

Modern Methods to Boost the Natural Defenses of Your Skin

One of the issues which individuals may encounter on occasion is the inability to find a “one-size-fits-all” formulation in order to enjoy superior protection from the rays of the sun. The good news is that a high-quality mineral sunscreen will help to avoid these situations while providing users with an environmentally friendly edge.

Mineral powders are natural elements and are intended to activate organic enzymes within the skin. Therefore, users will enjoy a proactive “barrier” against the damaging rays of the sun. The lightweight formulation of this powder will also allow the pores of the skin to breathe. This is crucial for those who have sensitive skin or who are prone to acne. Of course, anyone leading an active lifestyle will prefer ointments that can be applied within seconds without worrying about adverse side effects. These are some of the reasons why such powders are now preferred.

Use Two Layers of Protection to Avoid The Dangers of The Sun

Use Two Layers of Protection to Avoid The Dangers of The Sun

Photoaging involves more than initially meets the eye. We need to remember that the skin is slightly translucent. Some damage will therefore occur below the epidermis in a layer known as the dermis. This primarily comes in the form of free radicals which can harm cells and speed up the aging process. Thankfully, a unique solution is now available.

The first step involves applying a mineral sunscreen cream. Formulations such as those contained within Eryfotona boast a lightweight texture, they are easy to apply and their water-resistant properties offer hours of protection while out and about. This barrier can then be enhanced when needed with the use of a mineral powder sunscreen. The fine granules contained within the powder are equipped with a host of skin-friendly ingredients such as zinc oxide, iron oxide, and titanium dioxide. Furthermore, applying this mineral concoction will take a matter of seconds and it is similar to applying standard makeup to your face. This is an excellent on-the-go solution that would have been nearly impossible in the past.

lead active lifestyles

Firms such as ISDIN supply a range of such products to customers who lead active lifestyles and care about the health of their skin. The use of such technology likewise illustrates just how far the industry has come in recent years. If you are concerned about the health of your skin or you are hoping to avoid the risks associated with ultraviolet rays, it pays to be prepared before heading out into nature.

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