With more than 30 million expected tourists every year (with the exception of the two-year period 2020-2021, when the number of visitors dropped dramatically because of the Covid-19 restrictions), Paris is undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities of the world and the most as well as the second most visited one in Europe (only London has been able to compete with the French capital’s numbers). The usual cliché sees Paris as the perfect destination for couples or, in any case, those who are looking for some kind of romantic mood. Or, as an alternative, Paris is often framed into the stereotype of the “fashion city”, complying with the image of it projected by films like The Devil Wears Prada or TV series like Emily in Paris.

Clearly, Paris is much more than that. First of all, it’s culture, as evidenced by the huge number of museums, theatres and cinemas scattered all over the city. Just consider that Paris is the only big European city that has seen the number of cinema screens currently in activity within its urban tissue increase, while every other European capital and/or big urban center has witnessed a severe reduction of them.

Discover the Reasons to Visit Paris in Springtime


Therefore, there are a lot of good reasons to spend even just a weekend in Paris in the upcoming weeks. Moreover, springtime seems to be the perfect season to spend a few days in the Ville Lumière. In fact, despite the typical residual March and April’s cold weather, these are the two months during which Paris gives its best. First of all, it’s not too crowded: this means that booking flights to Paris from almost every corner of the world is easier than in any other season and, once in the city, you won’t have to make any long queue to visit the city’s most popular venues. Secondarily, in many hotel facilities you won’t find the typical high season pricing policies, and you can save some money.

Looking in more depth, we can even find further reasons to designate springtime the best period of the year to visit Paris. We have gathered below the most significant ones.

Paris in Springtime

The Climate

Spring is undoubtedly the sweetest season to go to Continental Europe for tourism. In particular Paris changes radically in just a few weeks between the end of February and early March. The temperature raises and a gentle southern wind blows often through the city’s boulevards. Last but not least, the daylight hours are remarkably more than in the winter period, and this is beneficial for the overall mood of the city.

Accommodation Opportunities

Accommodation in Paris

Do you want to escape from the usual hotel accommodations? Paris offers a huge number of alternative solutions, in particular during the springtime, when the reservations are less than average. For example you can try the experience of living in a studio, those typical small apartments (most of the times located in the city center) that are in many cases rented out ad very affordable prices.

Shopping Opportunities

Just like the accommodation facilities, during the low season also the shopping locations tend to practice a more affordable pricing policy. This means having the chance to grab items that many of us couldn’t afford at their full prices. You can hit the Parisienne fashion streets and find the opportunities you were looking for, maybe for years. In 99 cases out of 100, you won’t come back home empty-handed.

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