Luanne Freer
Chairman, Founder/Director Everest ER
Board member since: 2003
Day job: I work for Medcor Inc, a company that runs really cool clinics in out of the way places I love to visit!
How I got involved with the EBC clinic? I wandered into EBC in 2002 while volunteering at the HRA Pheriche clinic and was astoundedto see how many folks were in need of medical advice and care. I was looking for a way to combine my passion for the mountains with my desire to give back to the Sherpa people I had come to love; what better way than to start a clinic? In a tent? On a big hunk of moving ice? Why not?
How I’ve promoted the clinic in the past year: Fundraising for the clinic is one of the most inspiring things I get to do – spreading the message and recruiting followers and sponsors. I think I gave a talk about the clinic at least 25 times this year alone!
Hobbies: A new one is ice climbing – still no good at it, but when I can get my fingers and toes to warm up, I love it!
Favorite thing to do when I have a day off: Anything outside, and usually accompanied by friends and more than a few dogs…

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