We’ve seen 148 patients so far, 57% are Nepali, 90% are men. As has been the experience for every single season in the past 15, we’ve been inundated with mainly respiratory issues as well as some gastroenteritis. Lucky we have Dr Subarna, a bone doc, who has been busy giving his expert care to lots of patients with musculoskeletal issues. We’ve now seen 3 cases of AMS in the last 2 days (1 in an ascending climber who skipped a couple of recommended acclimatization days en route.) We’ve facilitated 10 evacuations from base camp so far and have been missing sleep for the past 2 nights because of early morning accidents in the icefall.  Luckily those patients suffered non life threatening injuries but were evacuated to Kathmandu for further care.
3 weeks in at EBC
As high camps become established, stakes are higher, our climbers get up into the very most extreme altitudes and we are ready to help them get there safely.
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