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Dr Freer talked with Dr Drew Pinsky on his Weekly Infusion podcast today, speaking about wilderness medicine, the Everest ER, and the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital project.  Have a listen!

Dr. Luanne Freer

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  1. Luanne

    I would like to know the medical equipment needs you have for the new Hospital. We would like to help if we can.


    • Thanks Mike! We will definitely be in touch and will be so grateful for your help! Let’s get in touch by email (same address) in the next few months. You should join our trek in October 🙂


    how can I access the lists you mentioned for preparing the trek

  3. Hi, I’m inquiring for a friend who is interested in donating some medical equipment, namely PACs (portable altitude chambers), and would like to have your electronic contact.

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