Everest ER

Clips from BBC/Indus Films production Everest ER about the nonprofit medical clinic at Mt Everest Base Camp, Nepal.

EXTRA MINUTES | Everest ER | Reporter Discussion

60 Minutes Reporter Michael Usher discusses his journey to Mt Everest Base Camp and the wonderful work of Everest ER.

Everest ER – The Original

Intro to the dramatic documentary chronicling the life and death struggle of climber Joe Hughes in the care of Dr. Luanne Freer. Released before the BBC production of the same name. Debuted at the Montreal World Film Festival 2006. www.everest-documentary.com

EXTRA MINUTES | Everest E.R. | Behind The Scenes

Take a behind the scenes look at our journey to Mt Everest Base Camp.

Everest ER

Trailer for a made-for-TV documentary on a nonprofit medical facility at Mount Everest.

World’s Highest Harlem Shake – Everest Base Camp

The World’s Highest Harlem Shake was held at Everest Base Camp. Elevation: 5,364 meters.