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The spring Everest climbing season is over, but we are hard at work planning fundraising for the Everest ER mission.  Up next?  Come along with two Everest ER docs on a Nepal trek in November 2016!  Who’s invited?  Anyone in reasonably good trekking condition who wants to support us!  All proceeds from this trek (that includes CME credit for any medical professionals in the group) go toward the nonprofit mission of the Everest ER.  For more information, please visit See you this autumn in Nepal!

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  1. Sonja Campeau

    I’m an Advanced life support Paramedic with almost 30 years of experience.,I’m interested in volunteering for base camp ,Everest.
    How do I go about this?

  2. EverestER Team

    Hello Sonja,

    You can apply to be a volunteer here at this link,

    We also have a volunteer Webpage under “Support Us” above in the menu.

    You may also reach out to us via our contact form on the contact page.

    Thanks again fr your interest!

    The EverestER Team

  3. Shannon Faulkner

    Do you have need for registered nurses?

    • Please watch our volunteer tab where any needs will be announced. We simply do not have the budget to expand staff at Everest ER at this time but will soon have a need at our Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital site.

  4. Tom Massa

    I’m a physiologist with 30 years of experience educating aviators about hypoxia and resp physiology how can I help?


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