Happy Nepali new year!

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Happy Nepali New Year from Everest ER! Our fabulous and talented chef, Phinjo delighted us with a special cake today to celebrate the beginning of 2074. The clinic is off to a good start; we’ve seen about 50 patients so … Continued

3 weeks in at EBC

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We’ve seen 148 patients so far, 57% are Nepali, 90% are men. As has been the experience for every single season in the past 15, we’ve been inundated with mainly respiratory issues as well as some gastroenteritis. Lucky we have … Continued

2018 Everest ER team

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Our 2018 Everest ER team are gathered in Kathmandu, preparing gear, medicines and duffles of equipment for our 16th season on the mountain.  We will be trekking up to EBC with the Wilderness Medical Society medical education trek, teaching a … Continued

Thanks for the thanks!

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A letter from one of our expedition leaders has our hearts glowing.  Here are a few excerpts: “You have been working hard and getting fantastic doctors together for many years.  I am sure you have heard this before but I … Continued

Clinic update May 6 2017

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Clinic update May 6 2017: We’ve seen 365 patients so far. 212 (58%) of these have been Nepali patients. We continue to see lots of high altitude cough and other upper respiratory complaints. In addition to this, 21 people have … Continued

Busy busy!

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Busy Busy! We have seen well over 200 patients so far, 130 of those have been Nepali. We have sent 8 patients down for further care by helicopter plus a number who have walked down for faster recovery (these walking … Continued

Thanks, Dr Drew!

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Dr Freer talked with Dr Drew Pinsky on his Weekly Infusion podcast today, speaking about wilderness medicine, the Everest ER, and the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital project.  Have a listen! Dr. Luanne Freer

Come along with us!

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The spring Everest climbing season is over, but we are hard at work planning fundraising for the Everest ER mission.  Up next?  Come along with two Everest ER docs on a Nepal trek in November 2016!  Who’s invited?  Anyone in … Continued

It’s a wrap!

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The 2016 season for Everest ER is complete and our team is headed back to Kathmandu to store our supplies away for another year.  Our team saw just about 300 patients over the course of ~7 weeks and heres a … Continued

Hypoxia and Frostbite

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Amidst the celebrations of over 200 summits yesterday, there were tragedies.  Some of the ill and injured made it down to our tent, among them a team that suffered the effects of oxygen deprivation when their oxygen malfunctioned, then ran out waiting … Continued

May 9th Clinic Update

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It’s May 9 and many of our climbing neighbors and friends are acclimatized and ready for their summit bids – waiting for a weather window.  Some have ventured to greener pastures, descending to gather up some nutrition and oxygen and get some grass between their toes before the big task ahead.

The marvels of modern medicine

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The Everest ER is staffed with doctors with special training and experience in mountain and altitude medicine, and thanks to our sponsor Sonosite, we are equipped to do some pretty advanced diagnosing as well.  For the past 4 years we have … Continued

One Year Ago Today

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25th April 2016  “At 1156 today, a minute’s silence was held at Everest ER and other climbing team campsites, to remember the effects of the magnitude 7.8 earthquake across Nepal and the avalanche at Everest Base Camp. Today was a … Continued

Its All About the Wheels

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Ouch! A trip to base camp averages about 100,000 steps, with hills up and down along the way. Anyone can imagine that a sore toe could slow down if not stop any progress to the final destination, whether that’s trekking … Continued

2 Weeks In

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Our clinic has been in operation for just about 2 weeks now and our experience so far is keeping pace with past years. Our doctors are getting acclimatized to the altitude as well as clinic ops, the wealth of AMAZING … Continued

Season end summary

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Message from the ER doctors Rachel and Meg We would like to say a huge thank you to all who have worked with us and supported us over the past 2 weeks. We send our heartfelt sympathy to everyone affected … Continued

What can you do to help?

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Friends – The Everest ER team would like to thank you for the outpouring of sympathy during this period of extreme devastation in Nepal, including on Mt. Everest. We are grateful that our team is safe but as you have … Continued