Clinic update May 6 2017

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Clinic update May 6 2017: We’ve seen 365 patients so far. 212 (58%) of these have been Nepali patients. We continue to see lots of high altitude cough and other upper respiratory complaints. In addition to this, 21 people have … Continued

Busy busy!

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Busy Busy! We have seen well over 200 patients so far, 130 of those have been Nepali. We have sent 8 patients down for further care by helicopter plus a number who have walked down for faster recovery (these walking … Continued

Happy Nepali new year!

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Happy Nepali New Year from Everest ER! Our fabulous and talented chef, Phinjo delighted us with a special cake today to celebrate the beginning of 2074. The clinic is off to a good start; we’ve seen about 50 patients so … Continued

Thanks, Dr Drew!

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Dr Freer talked with Dr Drew Pinsky on his Weekly Infusion podcast today, speaking about wilderness medicine, the Everest ER, and the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital project.  Have a listen! Dr. Luanne Freer

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