3 weeks in at EBC

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We’ve seen 148 patients so far, 57% are Nepali, 90% are men. As has been the experience for every single season in the past 15, we’ve been inundated with mainly respiratory issues as well as some gastroenteritis. Lucky we have … Continued

2018 Everest ER team

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Our 2018 Everest ER team are gathered in Kathmandu, preparing gear, medicines and duffles of equipment for our 16th season on the mountain.  We will be trekking up to EBC with the Wilderness Medical Society medical education trek, teaching a … Continued

Thanks for the thanks!

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A letter from one of our expedition leaders has our hearts glowing.  Here are a few excerpts: “You have been working hard and getting fantastic doctors together for many years.  I am sure you have heard this before but I … Continued

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