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It's been a wild ride of emotion and activity over the past week.  Between dangerous avalanches and just plain illness, we've been busy (over 250 patients in our first 3 weeks of opening) and emergency cases and evacuations have reached an all-time high for the clinic.  We're not sure quite what accounts for this unusual acuity - probably several different factors contribute, including more trekkers overnighting in base camp (more folks novice to sleeping at such high altitude and the complications that ensue), more teams signing on for our service, a warm and unstable season, a particularly treacherous icefall route, and more helicopters than we've ever seen available for quick response.  At any rate, our clinic doctors have been busy on both ends of a recent rescue, with Drs Anderson and Lohani stabilizing and sending, and Dr Freer receiving and caring for our friend, climber Cory Richards.  Cory stayed overnight in the Lukla hospital under the care of Dr Hannah and Dr Freer, and helicoptered to Kathmandu with NG editor and friend and Dr Freer to Kathmandu, where he is undergoing diagnostic testing but feeling much improved.  National Geographic journalist Mark Jenkins writes more about a dramatic 36 hours: