2018 Everest ER team

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Our 2018 Everest ER team are gathered in Kathmandu, preparing gear, medicines and duffles of equipment for our 16th season on the mountain.  We will be trekking up to EBC with the Wilderness Medical Society medical education trek, teaching a few classes along the way and getting a little help up top setting up our clinic from the trekkers.

We are excited for the first year to have 2 residency trained Nepali doctors joining our team, which will no doubt improve our communication with our Nepali patients, but also streamline collaboration with healthcare down in Kathmandu.  Follow this link to meet the team! http://www.everester.org/about-us/spring-2017-staff/


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  1. Cray Carlson

    My son is a pre-med student and has strong interest in an internship with the ER team at the base camp of Everest. We wants to gain some experience treat frostbite, respiratory illness due to high elevation. He would like to do it during the Spring of 2019. Any suggestions??

  2. EM resident

    Do you have any opportunities for emergency medicine residents (PGY3)?

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