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Everest ER – Himalayan Rescue Association

The Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic (Everest ER,) a project of the Himalayan Rescue Association-USA (US based nonprofit charity org) and Himalayan Rescue Association (a non-profit Nepali NGO) was first established during the 2003 Everest 50th anniversary spring climbing season. We began our 14th season in the first week of April 2016 and plan to operate until the end of spring climbing season or May 31, as indicated.

Everest ER Medical Director Dr. Luanne Freer helping rescue a hike at base camp at 17,600 feet / 5550 meters

Latest News Dispatch

Hypoxia and Frostbite

Amidst the celebrations of over 200 summits yesterday, there were tragedies.  Some of the ill and injured made it down to our tent, among them a team that suffered the effects of oxygen deprivation... READ MORE

May 9th Clinic Update

It's May 9 and many of our climbing neighbors and friends are acclimatized and ready for their summit bids - waiting for a weather window.  Some have ventured to greener pastures, descending to... READ MORE

The marvels of modern medicine

The Everest ER is staffed with doctors with special training and experience in mountain and altitude medicine, and thanks to our sponsor Sonosite, we are equipped to do some pretty advanced diagnosing as well.... READ MORE